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 Hope someone can clear something up for me. After I bake textures for an object, such as a building structure in this case, when I take it directly into the paint room the normal map works well meaning the edges of the greebled siding is crisp and sharp. But when I export the object and textures and then bring it in through per pixel painting the normal map does not look right and the object loses its sharpness. I have uploaded the images to show what I mean. Im trying to make low poly objects from high poly and keep crisp details. Ive seen a number of videoes on this particular subject but it doesn't seem to work for me. can anyone tell me whats happening here? Thanks for any help.

1057708721_shellretopology.thumb.JPG.e1847a7552ba561cd49a9162d1b32b8f.JPG directtopaintroom.thumb.JPG.e2a064883ddc0c9404ad885dbd115c80.JPG813607858_importforperpixelpainting.thumb.JPG.b18eaf10d3ea1b2d6dda3b4ca24e2fea.JPG

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