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Render Engine Light Bleed

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Hey all,

Just a question re: light bleed on the corners of objects - getting quite a bit with Screen Space Refl. and Screen Space checked...Best practices to reduce such issues?


- Rich



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These appear to regular models and not voxels or surface mode objects but just making a quess.

There is not much adjusting for the new features in 3DC.

Light Bleed can happen in areas where models intersect.

If the models are with no thickness you can add some thickness to them. That is a common cure for light bleed for walls.  T

Check for any problems in your models.

Make sure there are no un-welded vertices...

Are the models open or closed. 

Without having access to the 3DC file the above is about I can say

You could try Googling Light Bleed problems though in 3DC we really can not adjust the lights or shadows much.


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