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Rotate texture editor?


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Good day, all!

I'm recently start using 3D Coat demo to try it out to maybe switch to it as a main texturing software and from a very beginning I have a question - is it possible to rotate view in texture editor as you can in Substance Painter? It's very important feature, because I paint on uvs very frequently and sometimes I need to rotate it to have better understanding of that I'm doing.

I tried to google it, but failed. Is it really not possible at all?    

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The below is not meant to try and change your workflow but just a heads up FYI.

Yes the uv islands are fixed , no way to rotate them in the paint room and the material at the same time but painting in the 3DC viewport is more intuitive than SP in my opinion. Each program has it's strengths and I do have SP too.

The strength of 3DC is painting in the viewport. Many tools available for that task. 


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