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[Solved] Viewport Projector tool


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Hi guys, I have version 4.9.57 installed and was trying to do something with viewport projection tool. Couldn't find that option.See attachment.Also there is something wrong with symmetry in sculpting extrude mode , I doesn't work,see attachment.Can you please help me with that ?Thank you

Capture no projection.JPG

Capture extrude.JPG

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Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 GL

No problems on extrude with symmetry in the above version. 

I tested 4.9.57 and the extrude is not working correctly as you pointed out. Things break sometimes from one beta to the next. Not uncommon for betas...

Lasted beta version is now 4.9.64. It fixed a rare crash on loading some 3DC files.

For the projection icon to appear, go to Preferences/ Beta/ Show Beta tools. There was a bug in beta version 4.9.57 that hid two selection options in the paint room when the activity bar was enabled. I recommend updating to the latest beta.

You can install more than one version at time. No need to uninstall a earlier version unless you desire to.

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