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[Solved] Missing feature

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I have used 3d Coat for years and periodically search for a tutorial on a feature that I assumed was so obvious that it must be present in 3d Coat.  Each time I fail to find an answer and give up, but on this occasion, I thought I should ask if only to confirm my suspicion that it never existed.  Why can I either flood fill or spray paint a texture while sculpting or painting using an alpha brush? Surely if I want to paint reptile skin I should not have to dab the brush over the surface making little islands of texture with blurry areas in between?  Why can't I just sweep over the surface using pen pressure to vary the depth and size of the scales? 

I attach a picture illustrating the problem of painting with a static brush that I have taken from a tutorial by Learn3dsoftware.com.   


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Have you tried the tapering feature.  



The tapering feature works with strip brushes as well.

The tapering tool is not limited to just one control point. Add and adjust as you need them for a style of taping you need. This is shown in the video.

Spacing and falloff are both for adjusting your brush or strip brush plus rotate along brush stroke. 

I used the extrude brush in surface mode.

Picture is not for quality but a quick down and dirty example to show the start radius and end radius along the leg. Much better work can be done but I wanted to get you an answer quickly.


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