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[Bug - maybe?] Viewport Ambient Occlussion and reflections

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In most PBR engines or 3D viewports, the Ambient Occlusion texture will automatically affect the reflections and kill any that are where the AO is intense. This doesn't seem to be the case in 3DCoat.
Dark crevices painted black will shine brightly no matter how black or dark the AmbientOcclusion layer says it is.

Is that a bug? Or maybe it hasn't been implemented yet? If so, it would be really helpful to have it working!


In any case, it makes creepy dark crevices look just wrong...

I have a few examples to show my point. This is the piece with the normal approach:


Then this is the same, but with a small trick, which is to import an inverted AO mat as a metalness map. This will kill part of the reflections... but its not close to good enough.



In a perfect world, the black parts would look reflectless, like they do when showing flatshading:


Tell me your thoughts!


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