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Mac chat - any info about 3DCoats' performance on any new M1 machine ? - thx!

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Hi everyone, this is mainly about #2 below.. but #1 is good for context.

1: I have planned to make a video of performance for 3DCoat on an i3 & i5 Mac with an iGPU.  I mentioned this earlier this year and have yet to do complete the video.  I'll get to it before too long!
**In case you're curious why; because 3DCoat performed well above expectations on my Mac Air from 2010  and I want to share any Mac-iGPU-performance info with people as there was almost-nothing to read about 3DCoat on Macs with iGPU.  #Knowledge Is good.
//The Mac Air from 2010 has an Nvidia GT320.  - I suppose that I expect similar performance from the 8th gen iGPU in the mac I'll be testing and we'll see..hopefully sometime this month!

2: Now that the M1 macs are released, I am curious about the performance of 3DCoat on any of the M1 machines.  I do not have an M1 to test.  So if someone has tested an M1, it would be nice to hear about your opinion of performance.

- Thx
Enjoy your week.


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1. Thanks for sharing. I had tested "3DCoat" on my old iMac (CPU i3 3.06 GHz, RAM 8 GB, GPU Radeon HD 4670, VRAM 256 MB) and "3DCoat" allows painting texture with resolution up to 2K and sculpting up to 2 million triangles with comfort performance (about and above 30 FPS).
2. We don't have a Mac with an M1 processor yet. But "3DCoat" uses proprietary Intel libraries for some functions (Sculpt > AUTOPO, Retopo > UV > Mark Seams > Selected > To ABF/GU/LSCM/Planar). Probably those functions will fail on M1.

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At least it starts and works on MacBook Pro M1 8Gb

I just have no time to dig deeper, though...
But at first glance, it looks pretty well )))


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Are you running the App directly or through Rosetta ?
I'd be curious how the mentioned intel based functions perform through Mac's Rosetta or if they just work.

I bought a new Mac this Summer.. it mostly sits gathering dust due to the underwhelming performance and heat it generates. I was thinking about selling it and buying an M1 Mac.. *shrug* IDK.

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The 3dcoat is running through Rosseta 2, of course... 
But this process is hidden from a user.
You just clicked on icon, and MacOS desided how to run this app. 

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