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UV mapping - Is there an easy way to "weight" Islands sizes?

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1)  Maybe beginner question here, but I was hoping there was an easy way to "weight" (and I don't mean weight mapping) specific islands to be a particular size ratio compared to the other islands?

For example, I might have a big model and want to "spend" more texture size on the face or hands but less on some other areas (like the inside of a hat) or something.  It would be great if I could select an island - have it tell me the rough percentage it would be with a standard UV unwrap with my seams, and then let me set a relative percentage to the other islands so that this island can be more or less prominent in the unwrap.

This would enable me to save a bunch of time manually resizing islands and re-doing packing.  Can this be automatically done in 3DC?


2) Is there a way to tell 3DCoat to automatically overlap (exactly or close) a mirrored set of islands when packing?  Or do I have to do this all manually by resizing and moving islands?


thanks for your help!!

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