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[Solved] Error in linking with Photoshop


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Avoid to delete Layer0

Is used for internal calculations, or to create transparency.

On 11/25/2008 at 1:17 PM, kadu3d said:

Basicaly the TRANSPARENCY map is the "LAYER 0" -- Just erase it! (tip:"export all layers colors" or "edit all layers in external editor"; in photoshop eraze "LAYER 0" content; "import all layers colors" or "sync layer with nexterna editor" back to 3DC.)

Your object will display sort of transparent and every color you paint in any of the layers is considered the transparency map.

Dont forget about some interesting layer attributes such as "LOCK LAYER TRANSPARENCY" and "MASK WITH LAYER..." plus actions such as "FREEZE PAINTED PIXELS" or "FREEZE TRANSPARENT PIXELS" under Layers menu; (you can tweak the brush transparency as well).

Example: "ERASE" Layer zero; draw a few grass strokes (a grass material or maybe just a silhouette) and then "LOCK LAYER TRANSPARENCY", now every other spec/color stroke (in the same layer) will only affect the pre-painted grass. Plus you could use this layer as a mask for subsequent Layers -- this way the "Grass Layer" will be the transparency layer for all the others; don't forget to play with "FREEZE PAINTED PIXELS" or "FREEZE TRANSPARENT PIXELS"; (remember to export as a psd! Extract an alpha in photoshop or in Maya you just need to set the PSD file attribute "Use as alpha" to "transparency" )

(See Test Image attached)

the leaf was panted with only one stroke (notice that there is a MASK texture and material: height,color and spec)




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