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[Solved] 3DCoat Performance and cooling on Laptop

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I recently bought a laptop with the following spec :

Windows 10 64 bit

i7 9700 3.6 Ghz

RTX 2080 8gb 

32 GB Ram

1x 512 GB nvme m.2 SSD

1x 512 GB SSD

I normally work with Blender, Zbrush, and 3DCoat ( digital sculpting up to two million polygons  )

The fans speed remain relatively low ( and so the noise ) when I use either Blender or Zbrush, but as soon as I open 3DCoat, even without any model loaded, the fans speed up quite a bit and never slow down. The software is running smooth, so no problem in terms of performance.

The drivers are up to date and I did try both versions of 3DCoat.

Could anybody help me ?

Many thanks for you time !!!




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