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Unwanted camera snapping

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Hey all, I can't figure this out. Relatively new user to 3DCoat, I'm working on a retopo with symmetry enabled, at seemingly random times the camera keeps snapping back to origin/ full model view. This happens too often to be ignored and it's causing me a lot of frustration. Happens after I finish a stroke or sometimes when I'm just trying to pan /rotate the camera around. I deleted the "home" keybinding for the camera (I wasn't pushing that but I thought why not), checked for any possible snapping behaviour in the camera options but I'm coming up blank. I would be eternally grateful for any help with this.

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When clicking on the “Camera” drop down arrow located at the upper right side of the interface, options become available.

Further, you can also create camera position/rotation shortcuts for later use. These camera shortcuts also store any kind 2D Grid, Stamp or Stencil position/rotation/scale settings, making it easier to use and reuse tools with repeatable results when needed.


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