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[Fixed] Rawvox import and export issues

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I'm testing out whether 3D coat could be used as part of a work flow for constructing voxel datasets. The general workflow would be:

  1. Take layers of data in image and segment it
  2. Generate voxel data from these segmented stacks (probably one voxel dataset per segmentation)
  3. Import the voxel data for each object into 3dCoat
  4. Process each object in 3dCoat to clean up the object.
  5. Export processed  raw voxel object.
  6. Import that object into something else that can paint/assign values for each voxel (this is something I currently expect we would have to build ourselves). At minimum we would need to assign at least a 12bit value to each voxel (not just the surface, the data will vary throughout the objects).

I'm assuming 1,2 and 6 are outside the scope of 3DCoat (I can't find a way to paint color data into a voxel object, as soon as you paint it is converted to a surface).


In testing 3-5 I'm running into problems with even a basic shape created in 3DCoat.

  1. If I export to rawvox (16bit),  just the basic cone shape from the geometry menu in the scene (also tested with the skeletal bust, all the same problems), I can't import it back into an empty 3Dcoat scene. Nothing happens when I "import from rawvox". 
  2. The export works because I can open it in *Quibicle (Although the voxel data appears to be hollowed out after export even after doing fill voids. Even though it doesn't appear to be in 3DCoat)
  3. Why is the exported data hollow? Even if I "fill voids" before exporting? Is there to actually fill the void? Or is the hollow object just due to the way *Quibicle loads the data?

*Have been using Quibicle to look at the exported data because I don't want to go to the trouble of building something to read and view the rawvox data myself until I know the workflow is viable.

Testing with 3DCoat 4.9.68(GL64) trial on Windows.



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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Fixed] Rawvox import and export issues

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