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9 hours ago, stusutcliffe said:

Why do they always put awful "music" on these things. And speed them up so you dont learn anything from them. Looked like a nice sculpt but I bailed early.

Thanks for the feedback, it really helps to get better))) with each new video I try to improve the visual content, as well as get away from free soundtrack ... in the last video, the music has become much better, just especially for you))) the speed will be reduced in the next video) I hope you appreciate my efforts and write at what speed it was better to watch (this will help me achieve better content)))

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Ha ha, You made me feel bad now... I didnt expect feedback on my feedback. Just my personal preferences really . I always feel like "speed" sculpts are just showboating I personally find them neither entertaining or educational.

Each to his own...

I occasionally  get actual jobs and I can sit here for 10 hours straight with just the sound of a ticking clock for company. I sure some people will do it with Metallica blasting away all day.

I didnt now you had music thrust upon you when using youtube.

What do you lot out there in forum world have as "backgound ambient"

( Grant Abbitt and Ryan King on YouTube are a couple of people I look at. They are Blenderists that teach you stuff.) 

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