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[Solved] Retopo - Geometry sitting on mesh

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Are there any other tips or tricks someone could share to help get the geometry to sit better on a mesh when retopologising? At the moment, a lot of my retop work seems to sit through the mesh. This piece shows what I mean:


None of the faces/points are connected to any through the high-poly on the other side (that is a mistake I have been making though). I don't have the inside retopped. And I keep trying to use Relax and Snap, but if anything, Relax just makes it worse. When I've used Maya for retopping, the retop tends to sit more snuggly to the high-poly. And the relax tool, when pressing Shift, does a much better job. You can also adjust the offset in Max and Maya. Can you do the same thing in 3DCoat?

Usually adding extra edge loops can improve the retop and make it conform to the high-poly's shape/silhouette, but often I find that doing that doesn't make any difference - it still gets buried within the mesh. :-\


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Autosnap is turned on ?

Additional Extrusion and z-bias could help too.



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