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Surface problem with pyramid shape

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I'm currently retopologising some brass studs that are in the shape of pyramids. However, I'm having problems with the tip. I've tried different ways of approaching it, such as having tris all the way around, and quads. I've tried giving it support loops to make the edges/angles harder, but I still keep getting these problem once it's imported into Max:




The top faces always look like they've collapsed into each other


The bottom edges always have these pointy anomalies going round.

Does anyone know what's wrong or how they could be fixed...? I've tried adding enough support loops so it matches the high-poly's shape/silhouette... :-\

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As i see, the texture does not have enough resolution in that sector of the mesh to avoid problems when painting it.

Try another seam to unwrap and increasing uv island size.

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