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Displacement in PPP mode still broken -black spikes

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It's been a couple months, I gave Andrew (A PM)  both a simple mesh (an optimized CC3 Plus character for displacement ) from Reallusion and a complex mesh (sphere) from Zbrush that is often used for wrapping seamless textures to create planets -  to help solve this problem.

Zbrush has no problems working with displacement on either model (does not create displacement spike artifacts)  but I need to paint color and displacement with the smart materials.

This issue doesn't seem to be logged in Mantra - was is it even looked at? am I so angry about this... I spent so much work time - at my own LOSS and helped 3DCoat to find this bug

provided models to test and even details as to what the brush might be doing (getting mixed up potentially reading the black UV border as displacement info)

It seems to be effected by zig zags in the topology, not necessarily on a  UV seam.

 IS ANYONE FIXING THIS???   Help  please!!

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