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[Bug] When use the Cut Off Tool, the inside becomes an empty object.

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SculptTree feels quite difficult and uncomfortable to manage.

So, when the work is completed for each part, the sub-trees are temporarily grouped with Merge Sub-Tree (no boolean), and whenever modification is needed, the Object-ify (Separate) function is used to perform separation work.


As the work continues, there is a part that needs to be cut out as a whole, so without using Object-ify (Separate)

I used Cut Off Tool.



The result is an object with an empty inside, such as an image (left-below).

It was not the result I wanted, so after restoring it to its original state

This time, after separating the parts with the Object-ify (Separate) function, I did the same work as before using Through All Volumes of Cut Off.

This time, the results came out as i wnat it is. (right-below)

It seemed to be the same, but the result was completely different.


The question is...

  1. Is it a bug of the Cut Off tool?
  2. Or is it due to some mechanism of Merge Sub-Tree(no boolean)?
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Are you using latest version ?

I am testing v4.9.72 and split tool (surface mode) is working fine from my side.



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Hi @Carlosan

The version when I tested it was 4.9.67 (GL64, DX).
As you said, I updated to version 4.9.72, but the problems were still there.

Both Cut Off and Split show the same problems.

attach files in here
Test_Merge (no booleans).zip

Try to cut/divide through the overlapping area rather than a single object.
It will appear as in the image


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You are right, is not working as expected.

Send support-related questions requests at




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