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So, we are one step closer to the release of the long-awaited 3DCoat 2021. Today we are happy to announce the start of the Open Beta Test for the 3DCoat 2021!

What this means is that we have a stable enough version of the next-gen 3DCoat and we encourage you to try it and give us your feedback about it.

Based on the results of the Beta Test and your feedback, we shall be able to decide on the best release date for 3DCoat 2021, but obviously, the intention is to launch it as soon as possible.

On behalf of the entire Pilgway team, we are deeply thankful for your understanding and support of 3DCoat. Your help allows us to make 3DCoat better, faster, and more efficient in catering to your art needs.  

Link to download:

Windows https://pilgway.com/files/3dcoat/V4.9/3DCoat-2021-03.exe

macOS Big Sur 11.4 (2021.04)



Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (2021.04)



The license file with Iges support & Moulding forms tool (valid till 20.07.2021):



Download license, then please choose the file in 3D-Coat's licensing dialog.

The feature list is here.

Important! Please, note, the current Beta version is not at the release state as yet and is provided for testing purposes only.    Please, use the Beta in trial mode only (your V4 serial keys would not apply). Therefore, the license upgrades to 3DCoat 2021 (along with the new serial keys) will become available simultaneously with the release of 3DCoat 2021. Please, keep an eye on further announcements with regards to the release date. We are doing whatever is within our power to make it happen very soon.


Changes after B39:

13.07.21 3DCoat-2021.03

- Symmetry issues fixed (Chiesel, etc).

- Rotation around camera origin improved - no z - flickering, much faster camera tracking with MMB.

- Build tool in voxels restored.

- Import tool draws in empty space beyond the model (as in 4.9).

- Flatten invert action done.

- Projector updates parameters changes correctly in incrementally rendering mode.

- Copy&Subtract works correctly via menu.

- Correct primitives scale and position in retopo/modeling is scaled scenes.

13.07.21 3DCoat-2021.02

- Freeze/Pose selection visibility may be varied in Freeze/Pose tools. Now is not completely black by default. Pose selection may be hidden as well from the freeze menu. Anyway, freeze/pose selection becomes visible again (with user-defined opacity) if you activate freeze/pose tools again.

- Fixed crash if UV room activated without the actual model in the scene.

- Fixed crash in occlusion calculation over sculpt objects (critical problem).


12.07.21 3DCoat-2021.01

- Reassigning shaders fixed.

- "View->Show separate axis" works correctly.

- If the scene has nodes attached the baking dialog will remind to bake nodes first.

- "Bake->Bake w/ Per Pixel Painting w/ Displacement" bakes the color from layers and shader correctly.

- Nodes baking into scene correct.

- a lot of small polishing, a lot of icons updated.

11.07.21 RC3

- Fixed problem of flipped alpha when stroke starts.

- Fixed red frames with CTRL SHIFT.

- Shader assignment with nodes fixed.

- Polishing. Mesh preview got color. Corrected annoying messages appearance.

- 3d printing room. Generally 3d printing menu and functionality polished.

10.07.21 RC2

- Much better look in 4K. Controls scaled correctly. If you want an even bigger UI you may change fort, now it works better as well. If need you may adjust the interline distance and vertical shift of letters if need (in Preferences->Theme). If you will find some badly scaled controls - please report.

- Shaders construction fixed.

- Correct the scale of the smart material depth in scaled scenes.

- Progress bar (as header message) for long file copy during migration.

- some missing UI elements were recovered (rooms properties).

- For SpineTool Possibility to add (if hold Cntrl) Point By Click for mode Spline. Also can to Rotate the Spline Knots


9.07.21 RC1

- Completely new folders structure. Really streamlined and logical as it was proposed in this thread. Almost all now is split between two folders - data and UserPrefs. As it is logical, UserPrefs is user-created content. Data is sort of temporary stuff. The folder in documents changed, now it is Docs/3DCoat-2021/. Even if the folders structure is changed it is compatible with the previous one. As soon as 3DCoat detects some files copied to the new location in Documents from the old one, it will convert the files to the new structure. Also, if you will install 3dcpack it will be installed correctly (except presets that use old tools that are not present in the toolset). So, to migrate from earlier beta you may copy folders from old beta to Docs/3DCoat-2021 or create 3dcpack in old beta and install using RC1 UI.

- huge amount of bugs fixed? some of them are listed below, but it is not the complete list.

- Fixed problem of nodes duplication when you press Cancel in shader editor.

- Fixed problem when after symmetrization coat switches to layer1.

- Factures (VerTextures) room is now functional, all tools work as expected. Render of VerTextures works as well. Export is generally possible, but still very tricky. Easier export - later, because it is rather an integration question.

- Crash fixed during Select By Rect (ClusteredMesh::IntersectFaceByRect())

- Presets creation improved, correct names for presets, probably strange names was causing different problems of presets.

- Brush engine warns the user if he switches other alpha, but the alpha is actually not used by the Brush, just to avoid confusion.

- Migration master improved, should be more useful now. Pay attention, it is migration from 4.9, migration from BETAS described in the first point.

- Fixed modeling edge loop creation problem, the higher priory of edge loop over the edging when edge double-clicked.

- Fixed problem when drawing the strip along the curve was not precise (there was the difference when the strip was painted manually and via curve). Generally, this fix increased the precision of strip painting in all cases - handpaint and via curve.

- Sticky keys are working correctly for all rooms. Read the help->Hotkeys&sticky keys.

- Painting with rotated brush corrected, now there is no first spot with incorrect direction.

- Build is more lightweight even if contains more default materials.

29.06.21 B55

Joints tool polished and updated to be really useful. Now it is a really powerful construction tool, not just a toy. Changes:

- Blocks polished, some blocks removed if impossible to polish. Scale, joints positions corrected.

- SHIFT allows to bend tiled objects or rotate accurately

- Rich bending possibilities and options - snapping to existing joints, steps for length and bend angle.

- Removing with CTRL polished and fixed.

Look the video: 

- Retopo/Modeling/Selection tool streamlined, look the video 

- Selection modes for select/transform are rectangular by default, but if the user will change it, the new method will be kept. Also, the rectangular selection is always additive, click on empty space clears the selection. "AutoSnap" kept per user choice in retopo/modeling rooms.

- Better look of curves, much faster rendering and operation.

- Retopo/Curves/Create from selected edges Create from open edges are auto-separated. "Separate disconnected parts" included in curves operations.

- Fixed pipeline problem: Sculpt, bake AO & cavity -> Retopo->Bake (AO & cavity as well) -> Paint with Smart Materials. Now AO accepted as color+alpha (not only color as before), so this pipeline works correctly.

- Correct gizmoless transform in Import tool.

- RMB menu in the Retopo room is now more compact and convenient.

- Infoline (in Retopo) shows extended and important information about selected elements - distance, length, square, angle (when applicable).

- Fixed UV/edgeloops tool.

- Added Tool "Show Open Edge".

- Smart Extrude Improved. Added possibility of selection.

- Super relax/pinch and other custom tools in the SHIFT/CTRL-SHIFT menu work correctly (there was mesh destruction in some cases).

- Frame (SHIFT A) works correctly, even with objects of different nature.

- Fixed the record script for retopo primitives.

- Changed the location of the "Record Script" button.

- RMB in Retopo room corrected, RMB over the VoxTree shows correct menu.

- Edit->Reset settings remove settings correctly.

- Fixed inconsistency in the gizmoless transforms, when actions were not corresponding to the textual description.

- Scripting little fix - removed unnecessary warning, RMB+MMB info corrected.

12.06.21 B54

- Entering the text in the text tool (and similar) is now correct for all languages, languages may be mixed if need.

- Gizmo options for the Cloth simulation tool.

- Fixed problem from the previous build when PPP import fails.

The "Clusters tool" in UV/Retopo toolset got several fixes/improvements:

- Clusters tool work in the Retopo room as well, now you can select only faces in that mode to avoid incorrect click on the edge.

- sphere now visible (was hidden sometimes under the surface)

- Checkbox "Auto seams for clusters" to create seams over the ring-like clusters.

- visible seams preview over the border of the clusters.

Scripting updated. Changes:

- RMB+MMB gives complete info about the item, including several methods of usage.

- You may set in preferences what info will be provided via RMB+MMB.

- All commands within VoxTree RMB working correctly via script.

- All tools accessible to activate in any room, the corresponding room will be activated.

- RMB+MMB over voxtree items gives useful info for scripting (Vox interface) + cmd/ui interface.

4.06.21 B52

- Fixed problems with normals sampling in brush engine, especially over the thin surfaces.

- Camera close view corrected. There was a problem with the precision of the view (z-fighting, flickering) and a lack of precision when we move something in screen space. If you press 'F' you may get really close to the pivot point.

- Transforms with 'N' correctly applied to pose and other tools. It is mostly related to mouse/pen transforms and old 3d-connexion approach.

- Possibility to invert Transforms on old 3DConn approach.

- "Only in transform mode" option in navigation schemes to apply the action only in objects transform mode.

- Corrected transform in-plane for gizmoless transforms, for example, X+Y or double Z activates motion in the XY plane. Same for other planes.

- Fixed "Directional Fit" in free form pose transform for transformed volumes.

- ENTER will not turn off objects transform mode, so you nay Apply something being in objects transform mode.

- Moulding tweaked a bit, now the model will be subtracted from the parts taking the tapering angle into account.

- Added a Script command generator in the primitive tool, Sculpt, and Retopo rooms. You can save your actions in a script file, change your primitive parameters in the script and run it again.

- Added the support of Modeling and Retopo primitives via Scripts. You can use the retopo classes for creating the primitives in the Retopo and Modeling room via scripts.

- Added the new tools for creating 2D primitives for Modeling and Retopo rooms. You can create the 2D primitives (circle, box, plane, ellipse,   N-gon, disk, triangle).

 - Added the Record Script button in the top menu. The button changes the color depending on the record state. If the button is red then the script is recording, the blue button indicates that the recording is stopped.

- Added the boolean operations for retopo primitives in Retopo and Modeling room. You can create primitives using the boolean operations add, subtract, intersect, split.

30.05.21 B50

- New style of transform gizmo (more compact).

- Transform tool is now near the select tool in retopo/modeling rooms. It is similar to select but intended for the immediate transform after the selection.

- Curves tool got improvement - red points hidden by default, appearing only when the cursor is close. You may turn on visibility as before if need (checkbox). Curves may be transformed gizmoless (3dconnexion and gizmoless controls).

- Scripts are working correctly with the VoxTree RMB menu.

- VoxClay restored (possibly temporary), fixed strange additional layer over the surface, Voxel brush engine polished.

- Essential reduction of MCLP files (pen's alphas). But previous versions of 3D-Coat will not be able to read newly created MCLP-s.

- Both - old and new 3DConnexion approaches supported. With both approaches, you may transform objects. But old one may lead to lower FPS/lags if wireless devices used - mouse, keyboard, pen. It does not happen always, but this is the driver's problem, so can't be avoided. A new approach may not be used on older devices. So use what works better for you.

- Brush jittering in stamp mode fixed.

- Transform mode (usually triggered by 'N') may be used not only with the 3D-Connexion device but with the regular navigation as well. Press 'N' then navigate and look at how the object transforms. This is optional, may be turned off. Using icons/navigation zone leads to navigation in any case.

- Curves polished a lot.


21.05.21 B49

- 3DConnexion support rewritten to work exactly as in other applications that support space mouse. Now almost all settings are controlled via device control panel, navigation is precise and accurate.

- 3D-Connexion device may be used to transform/place objects, see the Edit->Transform->Transform with 3d-Connexion.

- Now it is possible to use 3D-Mouse with transform tools, primitives, models merging, pose selection transforms.

- Even more - primitives in voxel mode has "Trace mode" to paint directly in 3d space with 3d-mouse or gizmo.

Short video (just for info, it will be remade) - https://youtu.be/w10_2Cesaps

- Fixed reproject tool (was not working with pen drawing).

- Fixed memory lack crash during the decimation command of huge scenes.

- Essential instability in sculpting with brush engine fixed.

- Fixed strange issue when ptex tool activates in custom sculpt-based new rooms

- Moulding tuned to work faster, at least in limited time for complex cases. Look the video, the quality is low (will be remade) but describes most essential points - https://youtu.be/Zhj4XUqSTb0

- Fixed Quick start (Tutorial missіons) section "Primitives".


14.05.21 B48

- fixed plugins license, the key should work now.

- Strokes tool extended, now it may be used with the curves toolset. This is separated into the new tool. 

- A lot of polishing in curves, many problems related to snapping solved. Generally, most of the time was spent on the curves polishing.

- bug fixing, general polishing.

1.05.21 B47

- Fixed little holes in voxel brush engine.

- Possibility to change mapping/thumbnails style in smart material via RMB for the whole folder.

- Possibly some changes announced in previous build was not present there, son now everything included there.

- The style of layers/tree items coloring changed.

28.04.21 B45

- UV-tools updated, preciseness of ABF/LSCM/GU improved, it respects symmetry better.

- Click over the UV window activates the Seams tool if you are not in UV tools. In this way click over the UV window has sense.

- RMB over islands in UV window works correctly.

- Languages correction system updated, the page in the browser will open, you are able to use the browser's spellchecking tools (like Grammarly).

- Pose selection works correctly with transformed volumes and stencils.

- Fixed UV tools in the Modeling room.

- Gizmo-less transform updated, see the description in Edit->Transform without gizmo.

17.04.21 B44:

- If you will provide a normal map for the Smart Material the 3D-Coat will offer to convert it to the bump-map because materials require bump. This is a non-trivial operation, so it may take some time to convert for big maps.

- Draw with lines, spline chunk, curve segment, brush along curves work correctly.

- Generate moulds fixed for transformed objects

- Fixed problem when the user activates the program by click and it triggers the random move.

- Style of color reference over the layer changed to be more convenient (rectangle instead of a transparent bar)

- To Knife Added option Quadro.

9.04.21 B42:

- Voxel brushes updated, voxel brush engine introduces, similar to surface brush engine. Pay attention, VoxelEngine is subject to change, so we can't guarantee your presets related to the voxel engine will be preserved. Anyway, it is faster, more flexible. And very good point it offers real clay-like brushes for voxels.

- A lot, lot of bugfixes, including stability bugfixes, retopo/modeling...

- fixed RenderMan freezing at the start of render.

- Snapping corrected, was just not working at all.

- Fixed painting/sculpting along the curve.

2.04.21, B40:

- fixed common problem what many users were not able to run Coat.

- fixed lags in voxel brushes.

- If you will click and drag on any element of the free form transform (in pose or primitives) the annoying gizmo will not appear. Gizmo appears only if the element clicked without dragging.

- Spikes/snakes/muscle issue fixed

- fixed crash in gradient & fill

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  • Carlosan changed the title to 3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!
  • Advanced Member

same as Hdharris (so I started with trial to test a few basic things), I found two issues :

1 - Activate the "Use w/other tools" on Fill tool, then toggle brush tool and click somewhere = crash (reproduced several times)

2 - MultiScreen support issue Launch 3DCoat, then move window to another screen than the primary one, close 3DCoat and try to reopen it : it will launch on the last used screen, but if that screen wasn't the primary one, it freezes infinitely and you have to manually kill the process, unplug all screens, launch the app once more, plug back all screens and make sure 3DCoat stays on primary screen before ending your work session. Please note that this issue is "still there" and has probably nothing to do with the Beta itself

Else, new UI feels super nice (overall more fluid and smooth), on 2560*1440 text feels a bit big by default as usual but that's fair enough (I'm tired it's late in FR but I'm excited to test it a bit more ! I feel a lot of hard work & effort has been made to empower ergonomy, and it's always a pleasure to see new wise made & smart thought tools, it's somehow very inspiring =))

Cheers :3

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  • Advanced Member

I Get funky Offset when trying to use any tool I suspect it something to do with multiple monitors / wintab  because I had previous version working fine amd picked up second display today


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  • Advanced Member

I'm getting a similar offset issue.  It's a problem in sculpt room, both in terms of where the brush gets drawn and also it affects the sculpt.  In the paint room, it doesn't affect painting but I do see an offset of the brush even the the strokes are landing where intended.

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  • Advanced Member

dear Pilgway team.

Thank you for your continuous hard work.

I appreciate you to release 2021.  I' m happy.

to be honest, many bug and complaint remain yet. but There are good points more than those.

thank you very much . have a good day.:yahoo:

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  • Member

So far I'm loving the interface. It's possible that I'm not using it properly - but the new snake tool only seems to work for me it I check "On Plane", otherwise only the first brush stroke draws anything until I switch SculptTree layers. If I turn on "On Plane' it seems to work as expected.

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  • Advanced Member

I have to say the amount of additions is mind  boggling.   This is a humongous update. Far far beyond what I anticipated.  It's going to be a lot to try and absorb.

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  • Advanced Member

Crash within the first 30 sec: (Edit: Not really a crash but unresponsiveness for a while)

Vox clay and extrude are unusable too with lag but build brush turns 3d coat unresponsive right away and takes a while to recover.

Works with the small base sphere only, lags unusably with the big sphere, unresponsive with the humanoid base mesh (not the mannequin).

Edit: Tested v68 both DX and GL same brushes work fine with the same base mesh. Similar lag starts after res+ to over 7 mil.



Edited by Koray
Further testing
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  • Member

Thanks for great software! Really looking forward to this version!
Minor thing, work-around-able, but a bit strange - Seeing a weird import issue - seems to only happen on an initial import if I use "Perform Retopology" > "Import huge reference mesh" option...importing .fbx, the mesh is added with strange holes/flipped faces...  the particular mesh is triangles. If I don't go through the initial import workflow and just go to the sculpt room, make a surface layer, import, it seems fine... I tried the same mesh  out in 4.9 and the "huge reference mesh" option imported fine as well...


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30 minutes ago, L'Ancien Regime said:

I want to sign my account and password and I'm using my account and password to this forum but that doesn't work. I've got my serial number for 3D Coat but there's nowhere to put that. Where can I find the license file to add? 



That means the license file for 3dCoat 2021. They are not being sold yet. The license key for 3dcoat V4 does not fit there. Please use in Free Trial mode only

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  • Carlosan changed the title to 3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test !
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