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These are all old feature requests / issues, but with the upcoming 2021 release I felt it might be time to bring them up again, and hopefully this time someone in a position to resolve them will take an interest:

1. Paint masks (that can actually be transferred between 3DC and Photoshop as masks, unlike the current 'clip mask' system)
2. Layer thumbnails
3. A blur brush that works on modern texture resolutions (current blur brush effect has diminishing strength the more pixels its applied to)
4. Access to pressure curve for opacity
5. Ability to rotate/flip 2D paint view ("texture UV Editor")
6. Ability to paint outside UV shells/elements when in 2D view so we can fix seams ourselves when 3D-Coat padding messes up.
7. Option to paint directly to the screen before projecting like Bodypaint/Mari/Toolbag4/etc.

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Hi ! I definitely agree with these, and would add these to the pile :

1. Fixing overlap unrenderable pixel lines for curvature/AO (and depth painting in 2021 Beta version), probably the issue I've reported the most
2. Bring the possibility to mask in cascade : If a layer is clipped by another, I can clip that other layer by another mask and this should affect the first layer, not only the second one
3. "mesh" alphas can get corrupted and instead of a beautiful depth, you have one with stairs gradient artifacts. I happens regularly
4. Import vertex normals when using a mesh as alpha, this would allow to use way lighter weight files
5. When painting on overlapped areas, if stoke overlaps itself, you have tiny little squares artifacts on overlapped paint limits, which forces you to restrict both your brush size and your paint length (maybe this has something in common with my first point)
6. Never leave grey pixels. Even if UVs are stretched or vertex normals hard, I want to feel I've brushed my model (you can try on shoulderpads of the test robot, these are impossible to paint (or fill) correctly)

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Hope the developers will fix Blur brush =) 

And in the future we can do this =)


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