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I really like this tool :D

At same time can I expect if it will work as modeling room primitives?  

I understand with sculpt room (suface mode) the tool do what I really hoped.. at same time,, I suppose if it work as modeling (or retopo) primitives, I think it is actually new modeling tool which I have not in any other modeling apricaitons.

as you know if I make assets which may use pipe etc,, the joint section usually matter with the counts. but this joint tool is really easy (though I need to learn more how correctly I set each joints) at same time,, after all I may need to add retopo objects..  then usually about those non organic shape, I may only need texture sculpt for game assets..

So if 3d coat offer simple version (not need many variation which 3d coat offer for sculpt room), but most basic joint primitives are offered for modeling room joint tool, really welcom

(and it auto merge vertices, when joint) do not expect, it come with UV (and I suppose I may not need UV for those metal pipes, when I render,, I may use procedural texture for the purpose)

If I miss something ignore please (at current it only work as sculpt model or I can not find options which work for modeling room primitives,,)


I really hope it work for model room ^^;  please....

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Technical requirements for models with Joints
The model should be created taking into account the scale of the grid. For example, if it is a cube, then 10*10*10, a brick - 20*10*10.

The blocks could be larger, however, they should be made to apply neatly onto the grid of 10*10*10. 
The vertical axis is Y. If the model is a tube, then the diameter should be 5. If the tube’s corner, then any parameter taking into account the corner is applied to the tube of 5 in the diameter. 

You may add joints to the model right in 3DCoat. For this purpose, please make the model in the retopo room (sculpt and retopo or model in the retopo room from scratch).
Then go to Retopo room->Make joints and add as many joints as you need.

It looks like:


Press Add joint to add new joint. There are several options for each joint - axial symmetry, vertical/horizontal alignment, compatibility with other joints.
Please fill in the name of the model and press Publish as soon as the model with joints is ready. The model will be placed in the Joints palette and you will get to the Joints tool to test the model with joints. Pay attention that the model with the same name will be overwritten.

Model requirements.

The models are low-poly ones - up to 5К polygons per model. If there is a tube designed - 16 segments should be created. 
A model could be a composite one. If there is a sub-object (retopo group) with the name of Shader_Gold, there will be created a volume named Shader_Gold, where the subobjects of this type will be gathered. That volume will be assigned a shader whose name fits best with the word of Gold.
Examples of models with the joints put Here
The ready-made models should be placed Here


Tecnhical requirements for models with Joints


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