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How the presets save/load functions 4.9


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Thanks liok

Ok did some experiments and here is how the presets save/load functions, for anyone interested in not loosing days of customization: - Save presets exports ONLY the current tab, both surface and voxels presets. - Load presets imports the file inside the CURRENT tab, not in the tab you exported from. So to manage tool presets, the only way is to Save each Tab individually and naming the saved file WITH THE NAME OF THE TAB, then each time you install a new version, Delete all default tool presets, then create tabs with your tab names, then select one, Load presets with the correct name in this tab with the same name, then do this for all tabs. Overall, I think it's way easier to manage tool presets from windows directly, going in documents, copy pasting and deleting the xml files in the preset folder, and checking the install folder as well that contains some presets, BUT IT CONTAINS OTHER STUFF TOO so be careful deleting as there is random UI assets that would probably break Coat if deleted (There should really be a folder with just ToolPresets, so you can wipe it and put your clean presets inside). Bottom line it's very easy to lose your workspace as the preset management is really not intuitive.
for now and after a few days of testing, I would really recommend to anyone doing sculpt in Coat to never ever use the Save/Load function on Tool Presets, but much more safely and simply copy paste this Preset folder from the documents, inside Dropbox or anyplace super safe, this way you'll never lose this critical part of your workspace as long as you update and copy paste all these each time you tweak your presets:
And then do it with all aspect of your workspace, pbrShaders for sculpt, smart mats, stencils etc....
Dont forget to delete these in the install folder of the new Coat, as that's why there's lots of unwanted presets that don't want to ever get deleted, because they're not in document but also in the installation folder.
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