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Lightmap baking - how to create reflection layer into the diffuse color by Silas Merlin


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Sometimes you need to bake all lighting into the diffuse color of the texture.

in the new release 2021 (from version 07) you can find this command on Textures > Light Baking Tool >  Light and Reflections 


Thx @sprayer for sharing this video

Open shader ball for example, fill layer with any reflective Smart Material, bake your reflection and it creates reflection layer  in texture.

* @Silas Merlinadvice: if bake is too dark try modifying setting intensity. 

It picks up any light you have set up in render room, including environment light.

If you wish to bake light without environment, use "light from render room" instead of "Light and Reflections.

Take note: Actually, "light from render room" is not necessary anymore, because you can achieve the same result by using "light and reflections" in flat shading mode.

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- To turn on screen space illumination and screen space reflection would make a difference ?

No, it does not seem to make a difference. For instance the white streak (representing Tinker bell) was emissive and its light did not get picked up by the bake as far as I can see.

Thanks @Silas Merlin

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