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Chisel and flatten brushes

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These brushes work really bad in 2021.  They either push or pull too much, they dont produce hard edges or straight planes. The normal calculation is all wrong for them.  They are very hard to control and results are bad.  4.9 Chisel was much better let alone zbrush hpolish.   

this kind of surfaces are pain now


In 4.9 its ok


zbrush hpolish produce ideal lines


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after a long testing/changing things I find that new chisel brush completly unusable for a work. Maybe we could get old brushes added back? As an alternative

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10 hours ago, Andrew Shpagin said:

Yes, reproduced it, will fix it.

I need some help with Chiesl to make it perfect. Seems it works symmetrically on my side, but I use simple models. So, if someone will drop me some scene where I can reproduce it, that could be good.

Also, if someone was able to tweak the Chisel to the expected job, please send me the preset to andrewshpagin@gmail.com


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