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2d grid subdivision..count 9...display 10

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1 hour ago, tokikake said:

After you report it, dev change  how 3d grid sub-D work ^^; before 3d grid sub-D count = 1 means, it devide 1 grid as 2 then generate 2 sub grid.

 but recent beta change way.  it work as you mentioned. (I needed to change setting)  then 3d sub-D count 0 and 1, not generate any sub-D grid after click OK.so to get 2 grid, I need to set it as 2. 

On the other hand,  2d gird (which you reproted) setting, it seems remain as same as before.

Though I do not think it is problem (just words usage) the sub-divide means, how you add sub-D for grid or mesh, then some aprication may work like the way. 

sub-D = 1 means it devide 1 tmes then mesh devided as 2.  other aprication may use sub-D number,  as divided counts, about the case it may work as you expected.

I only think, 2d and 3d grid may better which work with same rule. now I need to change sub-D number for 2d and 3d grid.

ok...it's not a real problem...but for the 3DCOAT commercial image, i think that all should be accurate

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