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[Solved] I can't find Live Clay or Surface Tools like Subdivide in 2021


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L'Ancien Regime, at the moment there is no modifier in the new brush system that has the functionality to perform the decimate locally.

However, if you test the "Eat Details" modifier it slightly reduces the amount of triangles, but completely removes surface details from the geometry.
Remembering that Eat details was not made to locally decimate the surface of the geometry.

The best option for you to successfully decimate locally using the brush is to choose Decimate from the Shift or Ctrl + Shift options list located at the top of the interface.
Definitely when I need to decimate geometry it's my first choice.


35 minutes ago, L'Ancien Regime said:

And that's a superb graphic too. Maybe you should do an entire PDF book on 3D Coat and sell it online at Artstation.

Thanks for the words, I'll think about it. I believe in the possibility of creating a youtube channel...

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Both are badly needed. You Tube's main advantage at this point is its own user base of highly professional artists who can create hyper realistic work of the highest order. I'd like to see the equivalent quality happening over here. Kris Kosta at Fly On the Wall Studio for example..this is an essay by one of his students...




And just a quick test and decemating works about as well as it did before. Thanks










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I believe you will see high quality work done by 3D-Coat, as with the new path 3D-Coat has taken this has become possible.
Which made me very happy, with a lot of hope and a new reality for the work.
Mainly in sculpture with the new brush system for the surface and voxels mode, which is unique... and of course, the new features and improvements of 3D-Coat.

You are right! These means of communication are necessary. Soon, who knows, I hope to have some good news regarding a youtube channel or something else.
I have a lot to think about!

The new brush system is amazing and I hope it gets even better over time.
Anyway, I'm glad to help.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] I can't find Live Clay or Surface Tools like Subdivide in 2021
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Just a quick question on Decimation...

I like having the tool option of CTRL+SHIFT set to Decimate, but it often eats far more polygons than I would like.

How can I control the amount of decimation?  Is there an option I can set somewhere? The size of the brush seems to play a factor, but if I have a large area to simplify, reducing the brush size will increase the amount of work I have to do. CAn I have a large brush, but a gentle level of decimation?



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