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Hi all.

I've not done 3D modelling for a long time, since Maya 8 was released. I used to do it a lot, it was my job, but things changed and I left it behind. I now want to get back into it, specifically to create assets to print in resin. I'm a hard surface guy, love mechanical stuff. I've been playing with Blender which is amazing now, but to create complex mechanical shapes that are water tight and work in the physical world as prints... it's an overly long process for a person with kids and a tough job. It got me thinking, what about ZBrush and from there I found 3D Coat.

I like the idea of voxels - already watertight. And booleans don't create a mess. Sounds like the dream.

I have been playing a bit with demo versions and I have some questions I'm hoping to get help with, before I buy. My models mix hard straight flat angled planes with sweeping organic shapes. Think Formula One body with Matrix machine parts underneath. The boolean approach of cutting and merging works very well for all the complex little bits, but the sweeping shapes I'm less optimistic about. Ideally I wont be using multiple pieces of software, but I do need clean sweeping lines. In the gallery I see models with these surfaces, but it doesn't say if they are 100% 3D Coat or a mixture of tools.

Is 3D Coat capable of this style? And if it is, is it efficient? And do (free or paid) tutorials exist that show complex hard surface modeling that isn't just cutting holes in things, but involves clean organic shapes?

Thanks all.

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