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AMD CPU recommendations


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Hi guys,

Question, how does 3DC perform with the newer AMD Ryzen CPUs? Like em? Issues? etc...

I'm currently running 3DC v4.9x and 2021.x on a AMD 2700x with 16GB Ram and a GTX 1070. 4'ish years in, this config never quite worked right, no matter how many windows re-install, drivers \ bios updates, there always was something with my system performance.. Stuttering, lag..etc. These days I copy a large file over the network and my mouse skips all over the place.. With 3DCoat, it's almost completely unusable.. 

Long story short, I'm about to upgrade and not sure if I should go back to Intel or I was just unlucky with my AMD parts.

How's your experience?

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I ended up re-installing Windows but this time around I left all the Windows default drivers instead of adding the manufacture updated drivers and performance issues cleared up.. Weird that vendor specific drivers would cause issues.. Anyways, I'm good now, 3DC is quick and responsive again. 

I would not of replied to myself but I dont see where I can delete my thread. lol


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The newer generation of Ryzen CPU's are pretty solid performers in 3DCoat. The application still uses Intel's Thread Building Block library for Multi-threading, which used to give Intel CPU's a big advantage, but that was because Intel played dirty tricks, making AMD CPU's noticeably slower when running this code. They got sued by AMD over this and other dirty tactics, and lost. I don't know what the court made Intel do to rectify the problem, but I think the 1st gen of Ryzen CPU's were affected by this still. I had a 1 st Gen ThreadRipper (1650x) and when sculpting with the new brush engine, it seemed noticeably lagging at times. I brought this to Andrew's attention, but there wasn't much he could do. I tested the engine on a newer AMD (4800H CPU) laptop and the sculpting performance was stellar. 

So, that tells me the new AMD CPU's must have new instruction sets that override the CPU ID dirty tricks Intel used on their compilers. Plus, their IPC (instructions per clock cycle) got a huge upgrade in the last generation, to where it now outdoes Intel IPC, and this was never something AMD was good at...until now. 


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Very interesting backstory about Intel.  Thanks, AbnRanger.  I'm definitely saving for a new workstation powered by an AMD Threadripper.

Would you recommend higher core count or high clocking low core CPU for best performance in 3DC?

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