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Issue with Shadows


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Hi ! I looove the software, definetly gonna subsribe before trial ends ! love it !
so, I have  interesting issue with cast shadows
I have 1 object and one group with multiply objects
when the group "spaceship" is hidden, shadows are casting correct as you can see :

but ! whe
n I unhide the group below, all casted shadows are gone ! :D


any ideas on how to approach fixing that issue ?


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Windows version: 2021.46

You can try leaving the Render room and coming back which I imagine you have done already.  Change a shader maybe. Make all the objects one shader. 

First save the scene before doing the above. Close and reopen 3DC to see if the problem is still there.

Of course you could have found a bug... 

I made a simple quick test following your steps. No problems on my end.


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yeah, when I create new file and start sculpting everything is fine, not sure what happend here,
I did try : change the scale of the objects, change shaders (everything had the same shaders at some point), going back and forth into the sculpt room, nothing,
I also thought that its a glitch that happend becouse of the amount of layers, so I have try to merge everything, but when I do 3dC stops working (freezes)
also... when I go in and start to turn off layers inside that group one by one, when I turn off just a few some shadows are appering (but very low quality shadows)

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Side Point here: Possible reasons for your computer freezing.

Merging layers.  Whatever resolution the layer that all the layers are merged to is the resolution that 3DC uses to merge

Example: 16x layer--- merging a 2x layer, a 4x layer and a 6x layer will merge to 16x resolution. This will increase the voxel count or surface mode polygon count exponentially.

Voxel Mode : Will have no problems with boolean operations if the parts intersect.

Surface mode:  Boolean operations could have problems. Merge the layers without a boolean operation.


You could try and export the model as an obj file.

Close and reopen 3DC. Import the obj file and see if the problem goes away. 

Also you could send the file to support for them to look at.

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