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"Export to Blender" greyed out in 3D Coat?

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Hi, sorry if this post is in the wrong place on this forum, I'm new to 3D Coat. I want to use 3D coat for texture painting my Blender models. I installed the Applink in Blender easily enough, and I can "Send" the model from Blender over to 3D Coat just fine. However, in 3D Coat the File>Export To>Blender setting has "Blender" greyed out -- nothing happens when I click it.

Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong? Even tutorial I watch does not have that option greyed out.

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Actually... after some more experimenting I'm still having issues. Here's what I've discovered.

When I close 3D Coat and open it fresh and create an object, the Export to Blender option is available and functional. It works just fine. 

However, when I switch over to the paint workspace that's where things go wrong. As soon as I click on any Smart Material to begin painting, even before I do any painting, that's when the Export to Blender button becomes greyed out and non-functional.

Strangely, even when I load a new file (without saving the old one) the Export to Blender button remains non-functional, even when I haven't even entered the painting workspace. It doesn't start working again until I close and re-open 3D Coat.

Any ideas?

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39 minutes ago, Carlosan said:

Please check this post. Hope it help


Whoa... that thread makes it seem like the Blender AppLink is kinda broken or more trouble than its worth? Does this work for people? I'm not sure exactly which advice or action to take from that thread. I was REALLY banking on using this feature in my workflow. Hmmm :/

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