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Paint Room Model to Sculpt Model with Textures and Depth


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2021.62 Information on the new feature form the update post:

"- If you import the mesh for the vertex painting and it has textures, all of them will be applied to the mesh (color, gloss, metal, displacement)

- Now you may transform paint objects to sculpt objects, textures (color, gloss, metal, displacement) will be transformed to vertex paint layer."


I had been a little confused about the feature. I thought it was for importing external models for vertex painting with now all the textures including depth.

Carlosan showed me it is from the Paint Room to the Sculpt room surface mode. 

A new selection has been put in the Bake menu in the Paint Room shown in the picture.

You have a choice of subdivision levels when transforming the paint room model to a sculpt surface mode model.   

Use the Default Shader in the sculpt room for the best representation of the textures between the two rooms.

The normal map is converted to real geometry in the sculpt room. (surface mode)

One use. To have a more accurate idea for adjusting by sculpting the object and then baking the changes back to the paint room without losing your work. This is possible in 3DC if you were not aware of the baking feature without losing your previous work.



New option.jpg


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