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Imported .fbx objects keep going to a T-Pose

My 0wn Style

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I have 2 .fbx files.  Both are of a model in 2 different poses:





But then when I try to import either object into 3DCoat, the model goes to a T-Pose:





Why does this happen and how can I keep it from happening?  When I import into 3DCoat, I'm in the Sculpt room, and I import the object via File > Import > Import multiple objects


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12 minutes ago, My 0wn Style said:

I used an online converter to convert the .fbx to a .obj and loaded the .obj into 3DCoat, but it's still going to a T-Pose:



In the software which you used to export the .fbx, if you can try look for something like "default pose" or "rest pose" or "bind pose". It will likely be that t-pose. Somehow you must override it, to the poses then export. Unless you can go to the pose keyframes and get the model how it appears in that moment, export directly as .obj in that pose.

This might be boring but i'll try explain why it's like this

.fbx can store the model, but also the model's animation separately. What does it matter? It means, what most likely happened here is your model as "geometry only" is in that t-pose. But the 2 poses you made, they are stored in the file as animation. Microsoft 3d Viewer can support something like animation, so it "knows", when you import the .fbx into it, try and show animation, the 2 poses with different arms you showed in the first pictures.

3DCoat only looks for the geometry since it does not support animation, so it takes the occurrence of geometry from the .fbx file, which is just the t-pose

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