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Smart material bad quality

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Hi ! 

I recently have an texture quality problem ( see my picture ), all my driver are update and i got an RTX2080Ti, i paint in 4096 resolution, i have no idea where my problem come, i use those smart material since few years and never got this problem before, i use 3D 2021.70. 



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20 hours ago, philnolan3d said:

I don't have a solution but it does look like a graphics card problem to me. I'd be curious to see if it still appears after exporting and loading in Photoshop or something.

Yes it is. And my graphic cards work good i guess i never had this problem before with old version of 3DCoat ( i used 3.48 before ). It like i paint in 8Bits or less, and not in 16bits


6 hours ago, sprayer said:

Maybe something with cavity map, try to change to old style and edit settings. Also restarting 3dcoat sometimes helping


untick this

thanks but i still got the same problem :/

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On 11/25/2021 at 12:02 PM, Carlosan said:

Installing any older version same error ?

I tryed everything the problem is still here yes since i install the news version that's also make the problem on the older ( Who wasn't the case before i install the news one )

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