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Exported model not having the shader I selected

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So here is my model in 3DCoat:


I export the model by going to File > Export > Export Scene:


If I import the model back into 3DCoat, it still has the red shading.  However, if I import that object into something (like Maya), the model doesn't have any color at all:


Is there a way I can export an object from 3DCoat so that it if I import the model into a different 3D modelling software, it will retain the color?


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At importing in 3dcoat it apply default shader (what you may choose).The default shader in maya i believe is gray. The shader between software cannot be shared in any program to keep similar color you have to make unwrapping, make textures, exported, then import in another software create shader and put textures in right slot for your software(render engine). Obj have some settings to keep shader settings but most not working as it do not support modern PBR material but only old glossiness workflow and only for standard shader.

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