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Sculpt Bevel improvement and new curve feature requests


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1. Can you improvement the corners of the Sculpt Bevel tool?

Usually after doing a Sculpt Bevel, certain corners are ruined.

- Not all corners are like that, but mostly...
- Corners that bend outward
- Corners that bend inward

The point where these two corners meet forms a bad bevel.



I attach an image here.

The point where blue (inner corner) and red (outer corner) meet is distorted.

Can you please improve it to get a little better result?


2. Can you create a curve by tracing the edge of the sculpting model?

For simple corners, you can draw a curve yourself, but

If there are many corners to beveled on, too much effort is required to create curves one by one.



(Curve created using Freeze/Selection to curve)

I tried to create a curve using Curve - Freeze/Selection to curve in the upper menu, but it is not created at the edge and the result is not good. :wacko:


I heard that @Andrew Shpagin recently developed an algorithm that finds edges by improving the Retopo algorithm.

Can you use that technique to create this curve?

  • Created using the edge of the Sculpt model
  • Create a curve by finding an edge within the mask(freeze) area
    • This looks especially cool when working with RGB Curvatures.
      You can create curves from only the outer corners or only the inner corners.


This is a picture of painting the outer and inner corners using RGB Curvature.


when this becomes possible
- You can quickly create a curve.
- You can quickly perform Bevel Sculpt with the created curve.
- By placing additional models on the curve, you will be able to work with details such as frames.


Here is the model file used to capture the image. (2021.76 version)

Sculpt Bevel.3b


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