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Problem with imported displacement and smart material 'more on' BUMP' applying on surface


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Hello Guys,

here is my problem.
I would like to use some externelly made displacement/height images for some sci-fi panels painted outside of 3D Coat.

My steps:
1. I import the displacement (it appears on the model)
2. I bake occlusion, curvature
3. I would like to check preview (most of the cases preview simple does not shows the imported 'height/bump' effect, but I could survive that as it applies after using fill tool (but it is a bug IMHO)
4. I would like to create an extra layer where dirt, worn parts are INSIDE the lower parts and/or On the top of the higher parts (so the worn is affected by the height map and geometry is NOT affected at all).

- I use 'more on bumped' and 'more on dent' projections, nothing really works.
- I copied the height info to the actual layer's height channel I'm working on (doesn't help)

Do you have any idea how solve this properly?




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I used to use Paint UV-Mapped mesh as my meshes are UV-mapped already, I need the separate  textures options, etc. How this will solve the problem of my existing project I work on for days? What will it add to the workflow and what will be removed by this? Thanks.

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To work with displacement maps you need high poly density. That is why preview simple does not shows the imported 'height/bump' effect.

Because there is only a grey map that was apply as Color Standard Blend, the mesh dont have lower parts and/or top of the higher parts.

 It is not possible for PPP to calculate what you need for your project due to the lack of information in the object mesh.

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In some cases (like Concave, etc.) it shows (see the screenshots), so no high poly needed at all.
It was imported as Displacement as I wrote.
Technically it seems to me a simple bug/bad implementation of a feature. It should work (as it works with other projection types), just somehow there is somewhere a glitch.


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10 hours ago, Yousung said:

- More on Bumped
- More on Dent
These two condition options seem to only work on layers with displacement applied.

On separate layers, this option does not work.





Here I painted each layer and checked Bumped/Dent.
Layer height is applied individually.

I was not able to get what happens unfortunately. I used this approach, no fun. :(
But I use earlier version of 3D Coat (but it seems the problem exists since 2011 at least).

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