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Memory issue exporting for printing

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On 12/18/2021 at 8:10 PM, Omni-Moulage said:

Hi dear Carlosan,

Yes I have send the crash reports several time. But it seems that I have never receive answer or perhaps something is wrong with my mail adress.

I have just prepared a video to show the problem.


Apparently you're exporting for printing, however the model dimensions in mm seem too big for the export to digest, which results in the crash due to lack of memory at the time of export. Please, double-check the dimensions of your model and make sure those are reasonable for the printing. For example, like 200*200*200 mm. 

Please, let us know if that helps.

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Understood, it is clear.
You are right because usually my 3D printers sizing my 3D models.
In FDM printing process I have no problem of resolution because I print simples objects.
But in SLA/DLP printing process it is another story. I request lot of resolution and to do that I have two choices:
1) Exporting in OBJ at 85% of reduction: the size of the 3D model is around 1 GO that is to big for my 3D printer/slicer
2) Exporting in STL, in this case the weight of the STL is always 18.55 MO that is perfect for my 3D printer/slicer.
But it is not good for the resolution.
The only way I found with STL exportation it is to reduce the layer value. But if I reduce it so much 3DCoat crashes.
In order to not crashe 3DCoat, does is possible to predict what will be the minimal layer value according the size of the 3D model ?

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  • Carlosan changed the title to Memory issue exporting for printing

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