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Hi 3dcoat community.

So I updated to 2021. Really love it. It makes so much fun to play with the brushes. And the workflow with curves is so powerful! 

Nice additions would be:

1) Boolean non destructive workflow

2) Not all settings in Geometry Menu are saved when starting new session, would be cool if settings would be permanent (e.g. cast shadows)

3) The orbital pick point is displayed in a really unattractive way. It gets even bigger when you zoom in (why? this does not make any sense). I would suggest, to make a really sexy red dot, so you know where the pick point is. This is only cosmetic, but it is really awful to look at.

4) Would be cool, if one could hide the windows bar, which is white and in stark contrast to the rest of the program. It takes too much place and it is really bad for the eyes. Please consider to add this feature

5) Upgrade the noise tool. I like the noise capabilities of zbrush. Would be cool, if the noise tool would get an upgrade. In the current state it lacks to many things.


Really a nice program! And the nanite Unreal 5 workflow, really unbelievable!!!

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