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Five years ago I created for the local Natural museum (using among other things my humble 3d-Coat know-how) a 3d-printed model of a butterfly starting from a dried insect, that was later painted and decorated, next a video we used to depict the work done


Now the same museum asked me help preparing a basic shape of two specific dog races



These are very niche italian races that's why I didn't find an english description (but can just copy and paste the name on Google to find pictures), thus the interest of the Natural Museum.

This time the need it's different, since there is no dried model of course, so will be needing to start from pictues and basic anatomic measures and recreate a basic model like in the process I found described in the latest 2021 3d-Coat rhino modelling example

So that a can be later 3d-printed (or anyway produced to real in some way), another specialized company can add details such as skin rugosity and fur working directly on the printed model (i.e. such as in this case). There is no need to add all the thiny details directly on the digital model since these will be added later on the real model, a plain volume shape such as the rhino is ok (at least seems so at the level of discussion we have).

This would be a fun project for me learning things, but I didn't have the time and my work is focused on solution ideation and management, so I'm searching for a specialist that can take care of this 3d model creation part, I will help the coordination with the Nature Museum.

The work will mean a contract with the Nature Museum so need to be possibile to invoice to an EU company.

Please let me know if you are interested so we can deepen the topic here and next in PM.

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