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I got confused on how you can paint on multiple UVs. Is there a video that explains that in more detail ?


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In the viewport, 3DCoat automatically paints across all UV's, unless you tell it not to (hiding or locking UV sets or Paint Objects).

In the Texture Editor, you have single UV sets (not UV tiles like in some applications) that you can select from a list menu in the upper right part of the panel.

UV tiles have been requested and perhaps you could add your input in favor of the feature (UDIM's), via email (support@Pilgway.com), if you think there is a need.

The reason it probably hasn't been added yet, is that there is support for Imported UDIM's and exporting to UDIM's, but what it still lacks is exactly what you were asking for...the ability to paint across multiple UV spaces in a single stroke or shape selection.

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