Blenders Node Wrangler, export profile request

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hello all. i recently found out that we can use node wrangler in blender to batch import and set up textures for use on objects. as i do all my texture generation in 3dcoat, i would like to set up a mesh/texture export option for continued use and would appreciate any advice or help.


here you can see the naming system on blenders end. so when applied, blender will "take in and use" the images according to their name for the correct shader channel. *** change normalmap > normal or in 3d coat edit the name from the export prompt.


this is the cycles set up...


and this is the provided applink option set up.

i like the applink set up because it offers the option to generate the ao map. blender doesnt use it, but "its nice to have" and i know older versions had an option for the cavity map, which i would also like generated.

if any blender user could be generous to create a new export profile that takes into consideration blenders node wrangle and render features, that would be nice. im getting better with blender, and it would be awesome to have an export profile that took advantage on the blender side of things. so maybe a set up (added on to the applink?!?) that generated cavity, sss (and sss value?!?)

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i created this one based off the applink profile, added cavity, specularity and to extract the color for sss.

what option would i choose if i wanted the "value" of sss, and is it necessary to have both specular and roughness. i ran some tests, and 3d coat does generate different maps, but if on blender side its able to use one or the other in the same method..... i just dont know and would appreciate experienced advice and help.

i know that blender wont always need all of the maps or options, but having a profile set up that generates them and lets me decide next would be great.

Node Wrangler.xml

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me again =)

(((admittedly i am also asking in the discord chat)))

so, after a bit more research and some help, i see we can produce a sss map as so...

using the light baking tool > thickness option.


sss map.png

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