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Richard A.

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So finally got Windows 11 set up on my new rig so I've been out of the loop for a little while.  So I'm at SLACK chatting with a friend, she basically tells me she can't live without Substance Painter so after some hemming and hawing about it I give in and get a sub for it.  Well it's not as intuitive as one might think.  Baking is a nightmare if you don't know what your doing (raises hand) and setting up the various layers to get anything done is really confusing at times.  So I THINK I'm ready to dive back into 3DCoat but I'd rather stick with just the painting program "Textura" as that's all I really need.  

Honestly, I'm not sure if setting up the model went sideways or what but if I'm going to get my head around all this I need help from someone that knows the ins and outs of importing in a model with UDIM's and getting the existing textures in and wondering if I use the baking tool will that generate normals, SSS and Bump maps from the Diffuse?  Supposedly I can do that in SP but I never got there and the Adobe forums for SP are .... just no one is helping there, it's like a deserted town there most of the time.  As someone that needs a community to help out I just can't put my faith in Adobe at this point, it's literally pointless.  So if this community is up for the task then I'll jump into the buying a copy of Textura and moving forward in this arena.  

Please let me know if you work with humanoid figures and know how to set things up properly and can teach me to import, apply the textures and if baking can generate the needed "internal" maps like Normals.. et all.

Thanks so much



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