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Can't import 1gb .ply - "lack of memory"

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Everything is in the title. I have a 3d scan and i need to clean it, but impossible to import so far.
It is a 1gb .ply, approx 55M polygons, nothing incredible for a 3d scan. I can open it in Gom Inspect. In Meshlab. In 3d scanner's software. The mesh represents a boat hull which is 10m long.
3dcoat doesnt want to import it sadly. I tried to import it as a reference.
I have the last version 2021.61

I have 64gb ram, gtx1080 with 11gb of vram, Ryzen 5800x, SSDs with different partitions, 3 of them have paging file (parameters : automatic size).

I just took a one month license to use 3dcoat a bit more, i used it once for cleaning a 3d scan of a sculpture and it was ok (less heavy though). I planned to use it more in my work because i saw and heard a lot of good things on it.

Is this a known limitations of 3dcoat (like a particular way to import mesh or something) ?
I can decimate the mesh without problem but my goal with 3dcoat, as i heard a lot of good things about its perf, was to work on raw meshes to keep maximum details and then doing the remeshing/decimating.





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