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Hi there! I'm "LKS" on the 3DC discord. I've been trying to learn scripting in angelscript since the recent 3DC api overhaul and I figured I'd post the results of my efforts here.

Keep in mind, I'm somewhat of a turbo-noob to coding, but many of the most useful scripts I've made for other apps are just a few lines long anyway, so maybe someone will find some use!

First script reduces the polycount of the selected voxlayer by half. I mapped it to alt-D. Second takes all children of the selected voxlayer and parents them to a new root. I made this to deal with the issue of deeply nested voxlayer hierarchies being created as a result of using the split tool. It may or may not work in all circumstances, but it seems to so far! I'll add updates as I do more.

decrease_resolution_by_half.as reparent_children_to_root.as

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