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Hey everyone sorry to bother you, I typically work with plastics, wood and such for my 3d work. But I am bringing my company into the toy market, Action Figures of the 3.75 scale. Not the only scale but I want kids and adults to enjoy tho styles many of us grew up with.

Now on thing that is to be a key to my toy universe is trains. At first those will be akin size wise to the scale like (forgive my potty mouth) Chugington toys. And just so you know I love the Thomas series up to the end of the CG era and can find ideas from Chuggington but find it is a knockoff. But no need to get mad we all have our own enjoyment.


Now I typically use Blender for any 3D creation but I can't figure out how to get the files in this https://grabcad.com/library/toy-train-26 and as you can see it is from all I read free to use. But I have tried all the methods to make it STL or OBJ and anything I do to convert them shows a blank space though it claims I am selecting verge or such. 


My question has anyone had this problem like this? Would you be up to teaching me and even talk about my concepts of the toy line. I'm going to create a discord channel for it soon and hope Dash Terrier Creations can grow.


Thanks again and hope all is well,

Joey Tripp Nimmo  

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The SLDPRT format is a 3D model format native to SolidWorks software.

It actually stands for “SolidWorks Part” and as such, it stores information not only about the geometry of a 3D model, but also about the SolidWorks features used to create it.

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