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[Solved] Model disappears

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Hello everyone, hoping someone has experienced this and found a fix. I have made a sculpt model and currently using smart retopo to make a low poly mesh of it. I turned on symmetry and used the symmetry option to copy one side of the retopo to the other and now my model disappeared. I reset the program and then i was able to press 7 and see it above the grid, but if i move the camera away from the top view it disappears completely including the grid. This is a great program but I really am getting frustrated with this kind of thing happening where its impossible to proceed further. Is there a fix for this or am i going to have to go back to another program. I am on the most current stable version which i updated yesterday. I already looked on the internet for a solution but can see nothing. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hello yes, I have just now done something that seems to have fixed it. I clicked the house icon to reset the camera to default position and it seems to have stopped the issue to my relief. Not sure why this worked because i used the reset all settings function and that didn't work. Now its working as it should, many thanks.

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