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Hello everyone,

I do not know if you know, but I did the rhinos sculptures and I would like to thank everyone about the positive comments!


First, I would like to ask for millions of apologies for the long silence.
I really had many particular problems and I was very busy creating and developing something that I hope all of you may like.

   1) Good news: Free Course!
I would like to communicate to all of you that I am creating and developing a super free training regarding advanced 3DCoat interface customization.

Honestly, this training is a lot of effort and hard work.
This training goes from beginning users to the most advanced.
No one will be left behind throughout the course.

- There will be the total of 39 chapters. And some chapters should be divided into parts!
The training will have many and many hours of duration, so be prepared to learn many things.

I have already edited all content in Portuguese - Brazil.
And I am currently working in the English version. (soon I'll finish).
I'm going to release the two versions (Portugues - Brazil and English) at the same time. Everyone will learn at the same time!

Surely, what I am doing will be something that will help a lot to all of you because in this training there will be detailed explanations regarding everything and many surprises that you do not even know that 3DCoat is able to do.
High quality course and I hope everyone really likes it.

I'll try to keep everyone informed on the date of the release of this course.  I hope release as fast as possible!


   2) About Brushes (Rygaard):
Honestly, when I created the brushes for the sculpture of the rhinos, I did not know that people would like!
Only, I created particularly for the demonstration of the sculptures.
But as many people were interested I will make the brushes available (please read below as it will be).
Thank you very much for the people who were interested.

1) What I intend to do:
1.1- I need to completely review all brushes to work correctly in the version of 3DCoat 2022.
I also created more brushes that can be useful (I hope).

1.2- I'm creating custom icons for each brush.
Unfortunately in my tests when I create a pack of brushes, the custom icons I created are not saved in the package.
Meaning that when installing the brushes package, the icons are not loaded in the interface (appearing only the standard 3DCoat icon).

1.3- I will need to record video with demonstrations of brushes so you can see what each brush do.

2) The way I will make available:
2.1- I will make the brushes available to an affordable and fair value for everyone. I have the intention that everyone can have.

2.2- The final value of the package containing many brushes I will say soon.

I think that way, you can help me a little, because I am making available a high quality free course that could be sold in the market at a value ($$$), but it will be completely free!
So, I believe I'm being fair with all of you.
And it will also be a way to value everything I'm doing and I'll do for you in the future.

2.3- Place that I will make available the brushes:
I'm still seeing where I'll put to sell the brushes. Maybe Gumroad? Or if have another platform ....
I'm still going to search for it.
I accept suggestions!


   3) Great surprise - I guess!
Yeah... I would like to make official that soon, I will have a channel on youtube!
Many plans for this channel!
I confess that I am very happy with this project!
I hope to have the support and help of all!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.
As soon as I have more news about everything, I will be updating the information!

Thanks for the understanding of all.
And I'm really excuse for the delay.
Please be patience with me, a lot of things I am doing at the same time!

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3 hours ago, supereasy1001 said:

Fantastic! I look forward to it.

@supereasy1001 Thanks for the interest! I hope you like it! Many quality things I'm doing!

If it were possible, I would like to ask and be able to count on all of you in all these projects that I am creating and developing.
Much effort at work being made for everyone!
- Course (training) free.
- Brushes.
- Recording videos.
- Channel on YouTube.
- And much more...

Please, once again, I ask a little patience and understanding with me!
I'm rushing with everything, so I can release the material as soon as possible for all of you!
Thank you all!

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Thanks for the super exciting news, Rygaard!  It sounds like you've been super busy and it's awesome that you are sharing your experience and skills in 3DC.

I look forward to all your new stuff and I wish you the best with it all.

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2 hours ago, Melik said:

Thanks for the super exciting news, Rygaard!  It sounds like you've been super busy and it's awesome that you are sharing your experience and skills in 3DC.

I look forward to all your new stuff and I wish you the best with it all.

@Melik I'm really glad I can help in some way!
Honestly, I didn't expect that I would create and develop a course.
This project took on enormous proportions. But in the end, I think it will be worth it to deliver something of quality!
I think it will be very useful material for all of you.
I tried very hard to pass on all the things I know about the subject.

I appreciate your understanding and I sincerely apologize for this delay!

Really, many good stuffs will come!

Once again, thank you for your words of encouragement!

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  • 2 weeks later...
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Hello everyone!
I'd like to give you a little update and let you know what progress I'm making.

1) About Free Training:
Since the first post I haven't stopped recording the videos in the English version!
Unfortunately, there are problems with neighbors that make a lot of noise, and sometimes they don't allow me to record.
But, Don't worry! I want to make this training available to all of you as soon as possible!
Progress is going very well.
Soon, I will provide the beginning of the training.

2) About the Brushes:
I installed the brushes in the new version of 3DCoat-2022 and some things happened.
I found that when I install a brush pack the following happens:
2.1- The section created for brushes by me (where brushes are stored) was not created during installation. Meaning that the brushes were automatically stored in a different section called Custom.

2.2- The custom icons of the brushes created by me were not installed. Meaning that the brush icons are 3DCoat's default.

2.3- The ordering of brushes in the section when they were installed was different. Meaning I had to manually correctly order the brushes in the section.

2.4- The same problem happened regarding the ordering of brushes in the Preset palette.

---->  For the moment, I'm going to start testing brush by brush to see if they are working as I created them.
Correcting them if necessary!

Soon, I will give everyone more news!
I thank you so much for your understanding and patience. (
I'm doing many things at once.)

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just because we are eager to try your brushes and follow your techniques doesn't mean you owe it to us in any shape or form. You are not automatically late just because we are waiting.

Things take time and effort. Good things take time and even more effort. There's no need to rush it if you are focused on your ongoing work and the output quality is fine so far. No need to apologize at all. Not to me, at least.

I do appreciate your explanation as to why it takes you a bit more time than you estimated or desired to produce the output, because more than a few of us are actually waiting for such goodies. And the exposition about what to expect and the steps to get there you are taking are also welcome. But, again, to me at least, that doesn't require any apology whatsoever and, if someone asked me, I would say you shouldn't stress about it. At all. Release the products when ready and be proud of it.

Thanks so much for what you have already shared. Waiting patiently to the final results of your current efforts.


I know nobody asked me my opinion, and I don't know you personally. Just wanted to share my support to your efforts and if needed or possible, ease the stress that finishing a good quality project can induce sometimes . Thank you so much again and I'll shut up now. :-)

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Hi @Allabulle , Your opinion is certainly very welcome.
I have no words to thank you for your words.

Thank you so much for your understanding and encouragement!
It's because of people like you that I see that all my effort and hard work that I'm having right now is worth it.

Of course I've seen a lot of things on the internet and not so friendly words because of my delay.
But, people don't know what happens in a person's private life at that particular moment, but I understand people's behavior for the delay.
That's why I apologized for any kind of delay or trouble I unintentionally caused.

Fortunately, things are going well!
And a lot of great things is coming (I hope you all like).
Soon, I hope that even sooner than I'm thinking, I'll be able to release the quality training, as well as the brushes.
Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to talk to me.

Thank you very much.

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No no, thank YOU :)

Producing something good is difficult, demanding. Not everybody will or can understand that fact. There's no need to be judgemental about the people that can't understand something, and there is no need to apologise to them either. It takes what it takes and only the best learn from both the mistakes and successes.

There's beauty in pushing through difficult endeavours. I try to find it and enjoy it while I sweat. :)

It would be a pity if you missed it. Enjoy! (and sweat, :)

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@Allabulle , I agree with you. Thanks again for your words.
There are people who don't understand that to produce something good, of quality, requires many things.
It involves a lot, a lot of work and dedication.

The truth is that when I created the training, I was demanding with myself to offer something of quality to everyone.
Being even more specific about the training, what I can say is that there is no hidden secret.
All my knowledge, everything on the subject will be revealed.

I think a lot of people will be surprised, as I was, with the customizations that 3DCoat allows the user to make.
My humble opinion is that I didn't expect this content to become so rich and useful!
I can say that this job is giving me a lot of sweat! You have no idea my friends!
And I confess that I'm proud of it. Mainly, for the final result that will be delivered.
Hope you like it and help a lot!

I believe that in these days, I will be able to talk a little more about the brushes for you.
Thank you very much!

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On 4/19/2022 at 9:30 PM, Allabulle said:

@Rygaard Well that's so very good to know!

I'm eager to see what comes out of all that sweating! :D

Now you go and enjoy the ride, as it were, so we'll enjoy the results!

Thanks again, Rygaard. :)

@Allabulle Thank you so much!

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Hi everyone! Some progress...

----- About Free Training:
These days I had to stop training a little in the English version to be able to dedicate myself a little to the brushes and move on on the brushes.

----- About the brushes:
Another little problem appeared:
- Even doing the process manually to add the custom icon that I created respectively for each brush, when it closes the 3dcoat and opening it again the custom icons are disappearing and the brushes come back to have the standard 3dcoat icon.

I am in the final phase of brushes tests and apparently the transition to 3dcoat 2022 is being successfully done.
Despite the different problems that are happening at the time of installing the brushes package.

So I am very happy that only few things are being fixed and it is logical when necessary I am perfecting.
As I said, checking Brush by Brush!

-> My next steps about brushes:
 Step 1) Total Priority: *** Repairing and perfecting the brushes!

 Step 2) I'm going to record videos regarding brushes:
  - Final release video.

 Step 3) I'm going to look for a platform to make the brushes available.
At first it would be the gumroad, but I would like to see more alternatives (I will research).
If you know good alternatives, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Having videos explaining how the brushes work and their intended purpose will make them way more useful to the community. That's a very good idea.

Seasoned 3DCoat users may be more inclined to make and adjust their own brushes, as you do, and probably won't be needing much explanation about the properties of a new or tweaked brush to begin with. On the other hand, people relying on brush sets from others probably won't mind being told the purpose and characteristics of the brushes in order to take advantage of them and effectively progress as 3DCoat users.

I assume you are already in contact with the fine folks at Pilgway but, if you aren't, it might be a good idea to contact them to solve the vanishing brush icons mystery. :)

Thanks for the updates on your progress.

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You may also consider the ArtStation marketplace, along Gumroad, to sell and promote the brushes.

I wouldn't put all eggs in just one basket. It could unnecessarily limit the reach and visibility of your products.

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@Allabulle For sure! This idea of useful videos demonstrating the brushes will be done!
This will be very important because people need to see the brushes before they make any decision to have them.
Do not worry about this! It will be done and that is on my to-do list!

As I said above, the brushes are being tested one by one.
I confess that I'm having fun with the brushes! Really enjoy!

At first, I thought I would have problems with the brush settings, since sometimes, during the transition of a brush from an old version to a newer version, there are some conflicts or problems.
This is normal when adding a new property or improving the brush system.
But, this process of the brushes inside the 3DCoat-2022 is being fluid, just fixing some simple things.
I'm very happy to see 3DCoat getting more and more stable.

Yes, I'm in touch, talking about it and we're trying to find out what's going on!
And being very honest with all of you, I've never seen such correct and extremely qualified people gathered in one team! So don't worry. The 3DCoat team is unique!
Therefore, soon, I believe that the problems that are happening here with me will be solved!

I really appreciate the suggestion!
I'll try to find out more about the ArtStation marketplace! I had forgotten about this place.
You're absolutely right! I believe that these two places will be great to make the brushes available to interested people.
I will also look for more...
Thanks for the valuable tip!

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From the 2022.22 release notes:

"- Fixed problem when exporting custom tools using the "Create extension" leads to losing the user-assigned icon of the tool."

So the icons disappearing seems to be solved. :)


Edited by Allabulle
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2 hours ago, Allabulle said:

From the 2022.22 release notes:

"- Fixed problem when exporting custom tools using the "Create extension" leads to losing the user-assigned icon of the tool."

So the icons disappearing seems to be solved. :)


Yess! It is true! I have seen and quickly I have already installed the new version 2022 B22.

I said we would have good news soon!
I would like to take this moment, to thank @Andrew Shpagin for hard and fantastic work! I am very proud to help you and collaborate with you Andrew! Once again, thank you very much!

Now, at this very moment, Guess what?
I'm testing, testing and testing!

I'll test a lot even to make sure everything is fine. And with joy, soon... give the good news that is working properly the personalized icons of the brushes.

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Hi everyone! As always, I'm coming here to update my progress.

Since the last post I made, I installed Build 23.
Apparently it seemed that it was correct, but unfortunately the problem had still remained.
That's why I didn't post anything. I dived into the tests to understand more or less what was happening to report the problem.

So I dedicated myself along with Andrew (once again I would like to thank you @Andrew Shpagin a lot for the fantastic and unique work you do! Thank you so much!)
So that we could understand and find out the reason or trigger that was happening so that the problems of the customized icons were disappeared.
In the 3DCoat builds, I did 4 different tests until in the last test, the problem was finally revealed and was related to the brushes preset in the Preset palette.

The correct term and technical explanation of the problem has already been described by Andrew, but below the steps of my test:
It meant that when the user chose the brushes through the Preset palette and used them normally (sculpting), and after the user closed the 3dcoat and opens it again,
automatically all customized icons disappeared and were replaced by the 3DCoat standard icons.

*** Great News ***
At the moment, in my tests the problem of custom brushes icons has been solved! But, just in case, I'm still performing all the tests again!

-------> About the brushes:
- Even in this period of brushes testing to find out the problem of the icons disappear, guess what happened?
I didn't want this to happen, but ....
Yeah... I managed to create 6 more new brushes.

- I am still in the testing phase of the brushes (this is very important)!
But while I'm testing the brushes and that's my main focus ...
Sometimes I don't guarantee, but new opportunities arise and with that possible brushes can be created.

- Don't worry, I didn't forget to make videos about the brushes! Showing the behavior of the brushes.
I intend to do this when I'm close to making the final brushes package.
The reason for this is that during my tests, I can change the properties of Brush, so it wouldn't be very smart to make videos right now.

- In total, I guess I've arrived at the 42 brushes mark.
I think even the release of the brushes package I will be able to create more brushes.

-------> About free training:
I could only make a few training chapters while I was testing the brushes.
But no problem, I will advance a lot during these days.|

I don't like to talk about release dates so that there is no false promises!
So I don't guarantee it, but perhaps in 2 weeks up to 3 weeks, I intend to have almost finished or finished recording the English version of the training.
With that, quickly.... I will start the process of adding the audio in the videos!
After all this, I can finally deliver to all of you the beginning of the training.

-------> About release date of brushes and free training:
I just thought about this moment about the release date!
So I thought and defined that the day I release free training for everyone will also be the same day that I will release the brushes package.

Thank you very much!

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Hi everyone! As always a small and important update on my progress...

I have some good news.

I had to momentarily stop testing the brushes in order to dedicate myself to the free training.

----> About brushes:
So far, during my tests with the brushes and after days of testing, the problem of the custom icons disappearing and being replaced by the standard 3DCoat icons has finally been fixed.
I think it's definitely fixed!
Thank you so much @Andrew Shpagin ! It's fixed!

*** As I said before, I have momentarily stopped testing the brushes, but I'll be back as soon as possible.
I'll have to get back to the brushes as soon as possible and start the process of making the videos about the brushes and their behavior!

----> About Free Training:
I finished the whole process of recording the training audios in the English version!
Even after so many serious problems with neighbors for a long time! And other problems...
My God! Really very hard work to have been done!

*** Finally, I'm quickly starting the process of editing the English audio and adding to all the training chapters!

By the way, I already did the first chapter (english version)!
The rest of the chapters will flow quickly!

The training in the Portuguese version - Brazil is now completely ready.

Thank you very much!

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@alexn007 You are welcome! Would you believe that your feeling is also the same as mine?
I'm really exciting to releasing as soon as possible the training and brushes I'm doing for all of you!
I hope you like it and can help in some way!

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@Allabulle Thank you very much! For sure, from now on... I will have more good news!
I am working straight to deliver the training and brushes as soon as possible.
I confess that it's a lot being done at the same time... but, in the end, all this effort that I'm making will be gratifying. Once again thank you for your words.

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Thank you Ryygard, for the amazing update.

The rhino was already an awesome tutorial which I really enjoyed skimming through. I was planning to go through it sooner, but after I saw that you are looking to release the brushes, I couldn't, as I decided to just wait for your amazing work to come out, and be able to get the brushes and include them in my toolbelt, and then retry to walkthrough the tutorial again for a second time.

I am very excited for what's about to come, and I really wanted to Thank you hugely for the huge ammount of work and love you put into your work, and especially the training for all of us.
You are amazing!


Very excited to see the result!

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@Octamy Miniatures You are welcome! I thank you very much for your words!

I'm glad you enjoyed the rhino sculpting process and that I was of some help at some point.

Honestly, it wasn't a tutorial but a demonstration of 3DCoat's new Brushes and Sculpt Layers system!
So the entire process from start to finish was completely exposed! It took many hours of recording!
Therefore, there is nothing hidden from anyone during the demo.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of you for the not very fluent English and also for the sick voice (During the demo process I got extremely sick with Covid).

By the way...
So far I've created 42 brushes with different types of behaviors.
Soon, I hope to be making videos about brush behavior. But at the moment, I'm dedicating myself to finishing the training.

Honestly, all brushes are and will be used a lot by me in any type of work I do within 3DCoat, whether personal or professional.
I hope the brushes are as useful to you as they are to me.

I appreciate your interest in Brushes, Training, as well as the works I plan to make and make available.
Surely, you have no doubt that everything I'm doing is being done with a lot of love and dedication!
Really hard work because I want to make only quality things available to all of you.

One of the special things will be the youtube channel.
It is a project that will be really, really... very special.
And it makes me very happy and excited as I have a lot of plans for this channel!
Great things will be coming...
I hope and believe that people will like the channel and maybe everyone can make it grow.

Once again, I really thank you for your words.
I confess that I am also very excited to see the result of everything and I sincerely hope you like it.

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