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@Octamy Miniatures Great! Glad about it! Thanks for the encouragement! That means everything I'm doing is really worth doing!

I haven't created the youtube channel yet!
I will create soon...
But if you don't mind telling me, which youtube channel have you already subscribed to?

Yeah, that's great news! You can leave it to me! I'm planning everything... there will be a lot of content on the channel.
Of course, when the time comes, I'll tell you lot more details and information about this Youtube Channel, including the release date and the channel link.

Thank you so much!

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11 minutes ago, Rygaard said:

@Octamy Miniatures Great! Glad about it! Thanks for the encouragement! That means everything I'm doing is really worth doing!

I haven't created the youtube channel yet!
I will create soon...
But if you don't mind telling me, which youtube channel have you already subscribed to?

Yeah, that's great news! You can leave it to me! I'm planning everything... there will be a lot of content on the channel.
Of course, when the time comes, I'll tell you lot more details and information about this Youtube Channel, including the release date and the channel link.

Thank you so much!

Wohoo. I'm glad! I am glad to provide my encouragements to anybody who trully deserves them, like you!

Oh, I didn't knew you didn't create the youtube channel. There's a chance I might have subscribed to somebody else then thinking it's you, oh well.
This is the channel, since you've asked me. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVsnqL2J3EU6ZrZ00i8x4mw

Anytime! My pleasure! looking forward the release!!

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@Octamy Miniatures Once again, I really appreciate your words!

Oh yes! I had even forgotten about this channel.
Totally my fault! Sorry! This channel was actually mine! But I don't use it!
In fact, I had used this channel at the time just to show some suggestions and problems that were happening in 3DCoat.

My official channel with all the great stuff I'm planning is not on the internet, yet to be created and released!
For sure, have no doubts that I will inform you all the correct information and details soon.
I'm really excited for this moment!

Thank you so much for your help and for letting me know about the channel I don't use!
I realized that in my profile here on the forum I had informed the link of this old channel and in which I don't use it!
Millions of Sorry! I have already removed the link to this old and unused channel from my profile!

Soon, I'll post more news about the progress of everything I'm doing!

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Hi Everyone! I, as always, would like to share with all of you my progress of what I'm doing.

I am exclusively dedicating myself to free training.
The good news today is that the video edits of the training chapters are flowing very well.

I confess that I have not rested a single moment!
I'm really working from Sunday to Sunday to be able to deliver things as soon as possible.

By the way, I just rendered another chapter of the training!!!
"Right out of the oven!"
Yeah.... I'm happy to say that this time, I just finished chapter 06!

I believe I'm even going with a good speed in editing the videos, simply because it's a lot of content (the training will have many hours of great explanations).

Each video has a "good" duration in the videos.
The average length of the videos, I think it's 15 minutes of video. But there are exceptions for more... or... less duration!

Just to give you a little idea, this last chapter that I did, chapter 06 has about 18 minutes of video.
But, chapter 02 gave me a lot more work, because if I'm not mistaken it had 39 minutes. Wow!!!

Honestly, it's not because I'm doing it, but I'm very proud of the outcome of the training chapters.
Really loving the end result of the videos being generated and very excited to share this training with all of you as soon as possible.

It's late here 3:38AM! Always that way.... Ohhhh my God! I need to sleep!
Tomorrow, I must start and probably finish chapter 07! 
More progress coming soon!
Thank you very much!

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@Allabulle I appreciate your comment! I'll try to follow your advice!
I'm laughing so far at what you told me!
For sure, I need and intend to stay very alive and with a high and perfect sound.... in my voice!
Precisely because of the great things to come!

If not... have you thought? No training and brushes at this point in the championship?
Joking with you!
It's great to have this moment of relaxation!
Thank you for your words and concern!

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By the way... a little update on my progress!

Yeahhhhh! And... as I said yesterday! Word is word, right?
Good news!
Another batch coming out!
That's right! Chapter 07 is done!
I just edited the video and rendered! Ready!

Moving on to chapter 08 and the next!
Everything is going all right! I'm happy for this!

Thank you very much!

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Another update on my progress:
I didn't stop!
Yeah! So I just finished chapter 08!

Now, I'm going to stop... I'm really exhausted!

Thank you very much!

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Hey everyone! Please I would like to ask everyone's opinion...

I was planning to finish almost all of the training so that I could make the training available to all of you.
But, I'm thinking of radically changing my mind about this initial planning I just talked about.

So I started thinking about the following:
Work for another period and generate, until then, as many edits and renderings of chapters as possible during this period for the free training.
And soon after that, the preparation to officially release the training begins!

If I do it the way I just said, what I'll need to do for my next steps is the following:

(?)--> Doubt:
Maybe I'll make a free training release video. Like those promotional release videos. But I don't know if that would really be necessary.

*** But for sure:
1) I need to create at least the training release cover.

At the same time:
*** So what I'm really going to need to do:
2) Go back to the brushes, dedicate myself to them as much as possible and...:
   2.1) Check and finalize all the settings for each brush once and for all. This will be quick to do.

   2.2) Maybe, if possible, create and add some more useful brushes. (Actually, I think there are 42 brushes).

(?)---> So... Would you like more brushes?

   2.3) Review the custom brush icons (if necessary, improve).
In the current custom icons that I've made, I've just made brush strokes on the sphere so people get a sense of the brush.
And I separated the brushes through color groups.
You can see below an example that I made (I had to increase the size of the icon image. That's why the icon is not with good quality definition):

But I would like to ask your opinions:
I'm open to suggestions!
(?)--> What is the best type of custom icon you would like to have?
(?)--> In the example I made, is it ok?


   2.4) Very important: I have to make videos of brush behavior. High priority!

(?)--> Any suggestions regarding these types of videos?
Because if your suggestion is possible, I will gladly include it at the time of the video demonstration.

   2.5) Of course, I should make the brushes release video (promotional).

   2.6) Finally, generate the brush pack.

   2.7) Make brushes available on Gumroad and Artstation marketplace. (unfortunately, I haven't had time to learn more about this yet).
I also thought about the Patreon-like platform.

(?)--> What do you think of these places? Are good? Is there anything negative about these places?


3) *** Extremely important!
I must create the necessary social networks! Including the official youtube channel!

So after all the above step.
Leaving everything ready, my goal is to release the training and brushes on the same day.
And finally, with all the joy in this world, I will inform you the official links of everything.


(?)--> What do you think of everything I said above? Is good?
(?)-->  Or would you like to wait to have at least almost the training ready so I can make the training available along with the brushes?

Please give me your opinions in each question (Doubts) I did....
Because it will be very important for my planning.
And feel free to any other suggestions!

Thank you very much.

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I'm just coming back to 3D Coat after  a half year hiatus and I started rummaging through my 3D coat files and found these saved samples from your previous generous advice. I'm very interested in anything you do but what I'd love to see more than anything is a comprehensive 3D Coat manual (as I've said before). I don't want to be a nag but you did say "any other suggestions".  I would pay for a really comprehensive manual of this quality in PDF form. Frankly the current manual simply doesn't come close to cutting it.




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Hi @L'Ancien Regime !  You are very welcome! I remember these samples I had made to help you with your question at that time! I'm glad to have helped in some way and made a good impression!

I really appreciate your interest in the things I do.
And no way would you be nag! It's always great to hear about other possible suggestions!

Regarding a 3DCoat manual, I am not part of the 3DCoat team that develops the program manuals.

A manual of this format that you suggested, even though it may appear to have a degree of simplicity, actually being done by just one person, would be something very complex.
This would be a gigantic, deep and time-consuming project to do because it would need explanations as well and not just showing the steps that users could take to understand how 3DCoat works.

I'm going to be extremely honest with you, making a 3DCoat manual wouldn't be in my plans.
Sorry about this... Because I've been working really hard on the free training, brushes and other things.
But, Never say never, right?
I don't know how things will turn out in the future, and I'm certainly not going to promise anything like that to you, but who knows, maybe something like that might happen.

I won't forget your suggestion!

I really appreciate your suggestion and your words!
Thank you very much!

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@Rygaard Hi, I have a few thoughts. But I'll release them in chunks, as you do. :D

First, if I may, the brushes videos:

As a general "rule", in each sculpt session we use just a few brushes for most of the work. We then use a few more, depending on the project, picked from a wide set of additional brushes.

All those brush collections we all love are, generally, specifically designed brushes tailored to save time or effort in particular situations we find ourselves in during our work. So, depending on different scenarios, or the task at hand, we again pick just a few from a larger set of brushes.

So for any job given, we tend to use a relatively small number of brushes. The bigger amount of brushes available are mostly there to guarantee that when the time comes, that selection can be made. Seldom is the case when we use all of them at once in a project.

That is why I’d suggest to make videos of the brushes in three stages:

1- Show how the brush behaves. Preferably on the simplest scene possible.

2- Show its purpose: What is the intended usage.

3- Show one quick use case. Illustrate it on a mesh when its use is seen as a clear advantage.

That can be made short. No need for a long tutorial. That makes the video useful beyond the presentation of the brush and serves as a reference afterwards. I’d avoid any explanation not directly concerned to the three points above. Any deviation or extra information belongs to some other video, like workflow or sculpting tutorial.

Having those videos serves two functions: understanding what the brush is and making the selection of that brush in a sculpting session clear.

In my opinion, that would make the whole pack of brushes actually used, cherished even. Remember, really seasoned users won't probably need those videos, but then again they probably make their own brushes when the need is apparent to them. For beginners and intermediate users, having a clear sense of when to use them makes the set really useful and helps the sculptors enormously.

There. That's my take. When I find the time I'll drop some other ramblings of mine.

Thanks again for your efforts and open communication, Rygaard.

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@Allabulle Hi, as always is very welcome your comment and suggestions!

I agree with you! In any project, depending on the situation, we use determined or brushes favorites that make a difference at the time of the project to make our lives easier.
Generally, we use few brushes most of the time, and of course, as needed, other brushes will become useful due to their behavior in a given task.

In the brushes videos, I will take into account the 3 suggestions you told me.
For sure, the behavior of the brushes should be shown in a simple geometry or something more complex!
As well as the purpose and utility of the brushes.

*** So I already had an idea of what I would do, but after your suggestions and I thank them very much for them!
I am imagining doing the following:

*** There will be 2 different types of videos!

________In the first type of video:
1- The brushes release video (promotional) will be a short-term demonstration video and this will not be a tutorial and will not have explanations.
The video will be between 1 and a maximum of 2 minutes.
In this video, unfortunately, because my time is so short (because I will have so many things to do at the same time), I can only do a good sculpture, but that is certainly presentable!
I will show how pleasant this process of sculpting is to be done using the brushes.
I confess that I intend to use all or the vast majority of brushes according to the task to be performed in this promotional video.
Let's see what will happen! The result of this "child's play"!

________In the second type of video:
2- In these videos, I will use simple or complex scenarios to show the behavior of the brushes and their usefulness.
And most importantly, making punctual comments about the Brush that will be used at that time.
That way, I believe people can see and feel what that derminated brush is able to do.


You're absolutely right!
For explanations or more detailed information this would be another type of video format!
It would be in a video format like Workflow or even Making of. And that would be videos on another opportunity!

*** About the process of creating the brushes:
During the creation of these brushes, I tried to add some important features for the brushes.
I worried that the brushes had the appearance and behavior of the person being sculpting on a real Clay.
Besides that... this good sculpting feeling, the person resulted, the duty done!!

So in the brushes pack I created, there are different types of Clay Brushes, other different types of brushes used in certain tasks, as well as brushes that produce effects on geometry.

I separated all the brushes into color groups!
Thus categorizing all brushes so that they are visually easy to identify according to the task one will need at that time.
For me, this has become very useful and fast to choose a brush!
Even more so when you just look at the brushes panel and go automatically and without thinking, choose the brush you want at the moment.

The brushes have a period of adaptation, but are easy to use.
Some brushes are more.. how can I can??? More sensitive than others.
Therefore, people will be able to choose their favorite brushes and use more than others.
This will also be a matter of taste and as I said above, a matter of adapting the brushes.

Honestly, I hope the brushes will be as useful for everyone (new, intermediate or advanced users) as it is for me.
Particularly, I use it and use these brushes in any type of project!
Whether personal or professional projects because I know I will have the result I expect for my work.

It's hard and becomes a delicate subject for me to talk about my own brushes!
Just like people's expectations about what the brushes can deliver, but one thing is certain, I love these brushes and I'm very pleased and happy.

Of course I am completely conscience that I cannot please all people!

I thank you very much for your time to have written great suggestions!
Always feel free to make any suggestions, comments or opinions! It will be a pleasure to know and listen!

Thank you very much!

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@Rygaard More thoughts about brushes and their videos:

I would finish the brushes and their documentation (or videos) before embarking in making new ones. There will be time to update or add those after the launch. Forty-two is plenty to keep us busy for a few days, I assume. :)

I think colouring the brush icons can be a very good idea. The criteria of the colour scheme should be explained, then, so it won’t be causing any confusion or generate too many customer questions afterwards.

One thing I would do, though, is to put the colour coding of the icons behind the sphere of the brush, not on top of it as you showed before.

As for the brush pack videos, I would make them short, as short as possible, and separate from each other. Not a long one explaining all or some of them. That long video can be made after the fact, just compiling them into one straight long demo video, if needed. But separate short and to the point videos will act as a guide, manual and reference. It can be zipped in one big or several big-ish files ready to download with the brush pack in the store(s). And even also put them on a playlist in your youtube channel and other sites. Or posted sequentially, or over time as a promotional reminders, in social media sites, one or a few at a time. You may re-use them, or some of them, if later on there’s new updates of your brush pack, or changes in 3DCoat make some of them obsolete but not others. Or use them to quickly answer questions, or feedback, to support your point, or intention. There's many potential uses for those and perhaps quite less for a big all-in-one video. The shorter, the better, as stated ad nauseam (sorry).

Bits of them can then be used and combined, along with cuts from the long training for promotional purposes. If you can make an interesting edit of that, it could suffice. A promotional video has to be engaging, showing enough to make the targeted audience curious but it doesn’t need to include all the content. Long promotional videos have less impact than a few shorter ones, I think.

Longer, extended videos about the brushes could in fact be made at a later point in time, as a bonus. Or (if) when some more are added to the pack. Or as a reminder, after a while, of the value of the brushes once the novelty has passed. Or for those that were not that inspired the first time around.

As always, that's my opinion and you know best what's needed, what's not, why and when. Just engaging in the discussion to bounce some ideas around. You'll do what's best, for sure. :)


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@Allabulle Yes sure! The total priority is to completely finalize all brushes that are already developed and document them correctly.
There are 42 brushes that will keep you really busy! At these times I become a child when sculpting!

Of course, before creating the brush pack, I will carefully check all the settings brush by brush and be absolutely sure that there will be no missing settings
or malfunctions because of possible bugs in 3DCoat or even my failure for making a mistake in some configuration! Maybe distraction?!

For example, the possibility of some settings not being saved in the brush.
By the way, the 3DCoat program is stable nowadays as Andrew gives top priority to fixing any kind of problem with the program.
So what I said about brush settings not being saved has already been fixed and resolved.
Just in case, I'll do a short final check of all the brushes when I make the final brush pack.

---> About the colors of the brush groups:
It is true! The color criterion question was a good idea!
With daily use, the brain goes directly to the group you want! Very easy!
In fact, there's not much mystery to understand, nothing complicated at all!

For example:
In one of the brush groups, I grouped the brushes that I consider to have surface effects behavior, in red color in the custom icon.
Like an alert, special effect color (I don't know, I think it represents well!)
But I intend to explain the criteria for the selection of colors that I used so as not to generate doubts in people.

I'm going to do a test the way you told me.
I'll put the color behind the icons!
In the next post, I'll show you the result of the two versions, ok?

Below is a sample of the colors I am using with transparency (because I had placed the color on top of the custom icons and thus showing the icons that were underneath):

Once again, I accept color suggestions for the different types of brush groups according to their behavior!
And so categorizing the brushes in the best way possible and easy to understand.

---> About the videos:

A single long video for all brushes would be too confusing and boring for people to understand and to some extent frustrating if one wants to see a particular brush.

What I intend to do is actually a single short video for each brush!
And so showing the behavior of the brush in particular without confusion!
It also serves as a guide or reference with short explanations for people to have when purchasing along with the brush pack.

In order not to have a huge file for people to download (in case this is a problem),
I'll see if I can make it so that people download the brush pack separate from the videos.
Or maybe a file split into parts with everything inside, The brushes + videos package.
Whatever people want, to make their lives easier, I do. No problem!

I will also make a playlist of the videos on the youtube channel.
This is very important to do for people who like to watch the videos without downloading the videos.

Maybe, a private playlist for those who acquires the brush pack?
I don't know if a private playlist would be a good idea, but just speaking in the possibilities.

Or... I also really liked your idea through promotional reminders, on social media and etc.

If necessary, I'll keep an eye out to update videos and information about the brushes!
These short videos will be very helpful in everything!
Exactly as you said in the answers to questions or support!

As you said, depending on the result of these short videos...
Yes, if possible, in some way they can be used in editing for another type of video for promotional purposes.

I intend to make an great engaging promotional video!
I get so excited just thinking about this moment!
I think in the worst case the duration will be up to a maximum of 2 minutes!
But, my goal is to make a video of 1 minute and a few seconds longer!
I think it will be great and enough to cause people's curiosity.

I also think that long promotional videos sometimes, depending on the situation, don't have a good impact on people.

It will always be important to make videos for new brushes that will be made in the future, as well as videos for updates of brushes already made!
I like the idea of videos to remind people!
I love this bonus video idea!
Another thing I love to do is surprise videos! This will be a strong feature of mine! I hope... people like!

For longer videos, I like the making of or workflow format or something else that can be interesting and inspire people.

As always your opinions and suggestions are making a difference during this process!
I really appreciate you taking the time to share all your ideas with me!
This is very important!

My biggest goal will be to provide everything I'm doing to people with the quality I'd like to have for myself.

This exchange of information in these discussions is sure to make the final quality the best it can be as a result.

And please continue to brighten up the discussion and feel free to say whatever you want.

Thank you very much!

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Hi, @Rygaard

Yes, I would make a playlist of the brush videos, and made it public, not private. It’s easier to find (even for customers) and it can serve as a promotion for the brush pack, and for the rest of the channel since some people will find those videos by search, and will look at the rest of the channel later.

For the customers that buy the pack, it’s convenient to have the videos documenting the product in the same place where they bought it. I wouldn’t force them to search elsewhere for that. But they will eventually do a quick youtube peek once in a while anyway. I wouldn’t make that path difficult with unnecessary steps (like remembering a link to a private playlist). Current satisfied customers may recommend the brushes by pointing other potential customers to that list, and the rest of the tutorials on your channel. I wouldn’t put any obstacle to that scenario either.

A 7zip (with multiple files if the size presumably warrants it to be) as a separate download from the brush pack in the store(s) would be ideal, I think.

It can look something like this, as a series of download links (both Gumroad and ArtStation marketplaces allow multiple files to download per product):

–    Brush Pack.pack_extension
–    Brush_Video_Documentation.zip
–    Brush_Video_Documentation.001
–    Brush_Video_Documentation.002
–    Brush_Video_Documentation.003
–    Read_Me.txt
–    Quick_Guide_To_Installation.pdf
–    License.pdf
–    Recommended_links.pdf
–    Notes_on_the_release.pdf
–    Thank_you_note.pdf

It can also be made with straight zip files. As in Brush_Video_Documentation_1-5.zip, Brush_Video_Documentation_6-10.zip, etc...

I think your choice of colours is spot on. Not too bright nor dark, so they can fit in different adjusted themes, and provide clear separation of different kinds of brush usages. Very good idea and choice of colours.

Again, just my thoughts. You know what's best! ;)


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Hi @Allabulle  ,  After I commented on the private playlist, honestly, I even regretted talking about it!
Would you believe I kept thinking exactly how you thought???
Yeahhh.... I totally abandoned the possibility of creating a private playlist for the brushes videos!

I don't want to put obstacles at any time and also in no way make people's lives difficult.
It will surely be much easier for all people to find the material related to the brushes being the videos available to everyone on the channel and organized correctly in a playlist.
And consequently, just as you said, people will be able to see what I will create and make available on the channel.

Yes! It will be convenient for people to find the videos in the same place.
Thank you for your suggestions on this!
I will not force people to look for videos elsewhere!

Therefore, for people who get the brushes package, I will do everything to make life easier for everyone:

1) I will create the documented package of the product with the videos in the places I will make available the product.
And I will also make the link available to the videos that will also be available on youtube channel.

2) I will create the playlist with the videos on YouTube channel.
This option will be for people who do not want to download the videos, but if they want to see the videos will be able to access the channel without difficulties.

All this part of the preparation of 7zip and .zip files that you told me (as well as, perhaps in the extension .rar), I will surely do.

I was glad that in Gumroad and ArtStation marketplaces allow multiple files to download the product! Thanks for informing me about it!

Unfortunately, I have not had time to see the information about all these parts that I will still need to do.
Further on, I will have to stop to see all this part of social networking settings, channel and other means I will have.

Because I am completely focused on editing and rendering the chapters of free training! My all time is in it. All my time is turned to it.
But, thank God things are flowing well!

Thanks for giving me the example of the series of download links! This is very useful!

I hope people will be satisfied and can suggest and indicate to others everything I did and that I will do in the future!

In speaking in this, below are the two versions of the customized icons:
(One with the color on the icon and the other with the color behind the icon.)
I really like the color behind the icon! But I would like to see how the color would be behind the icon....up to a little more than half of the icon!
In the example above I left almost the top of the icon.

I didn't have time to properly make the final design of the customized icons.
All things are in the early stage (yet I'm seeing at least progress), I believe there is still a lot of space to improve!
Maybe I think about improving the icon. The problem is the lack of time.

I had thought of making a more stylized icon, but I feel that it won't show what Brush does, perhaps causing some confusion.
So I opted for the sphere with the brushstrokes to better show the brush.

Thank you for all your suggestions and opinions.
This really makes all the difference! With your participation, I am directing things as best I can!

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Hi everyone! As always.. I 'd like to share my progress!

One more free training progress:

Another batch I just made!

I just finished chapter 14 - part 01 and part 02!
Yeah... There are already 15 videos made!

Maybe I can start chapter 15 today...
(I'm tired but... let's see!)

The results are getting great!

Extremely happy with what I see!

As I review each of the videos (chapters), more and more I am sure that I am on the right path and
that I will happily make quality training available to everyone!

Thank you very much!

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Hey Rygaard,

It's great to see your passion and commitment to your Brushes and Training project.  A long overdue and welcome contribution to the 3D Coat world.  I know I'm not the only one that appreciates how much time and energy you're investing into this.  Thank you!

I wanted to briefly give my opinion on brush icons.  The samples you posted are too dark, in my opinion.  The sphere image is about 80% in darkness and as a small thumbnail will be difficult to see, especially as small thumbnails. 


And while I love the idea of assigning colors to brush icons based on their behavior, I think the background colors you proposed are also dark. 


This may be your style/preference but I think a brush set should be about universal readability above all else (see example from Blender below). 

About the icons.

Let me rant for a moment.  I absolutely HATE the new brush icons in 3DC 2021



They are tan colored which makes them clash with any custom UI theme you create that doesn't use tan as part of the UI color palette.  They are a strange hybrid of 3D and 2D.  The have strong, dark lines on the spheres which creates a high frequency, peripheral noise to the UI, making the UI more unappealing.  And above all, the icons are just ugly.

I propose simple, clear, high contrast brush icons like those from 3DC 4.9.  These icons were a neutral gray, clear as thumbnails, high contrast, and distinctly 3D in appearance.  I would use these as the icons in my 3DC 2021.  Anything would be better, in my opinion.



I prefer a full sphere instead of a section like the 4.9 icons.  The important thing is they are based on lighting/matcap that has a good highlight and shows the topology of the stroke on the sphere clearly - not in dark shadow.

Here are good examples of clear, easy to read brush icons in zBrush.


Perfect as larger thumbnails but too busy for small thumbnails.  I like these but would like them a bit brighter overall and with stronger highlight to better demo the stroke for small thumbnails.

And I love the super simple, 2D icons in Blender.  But I think this would be too far from your personal style.  The good part of these are how instantly you can recognize the brush and the groups are color coded as separate color groupings.  Also, the simplicity of the icons helps create a clean, fun, easy to use UI.


If 3DCoat allows users to assign custom brushes to their own brush preset brushes, then I think your icons could be anything you personally feel shows the stroke and stays in your brand - which I think is what you're building.  I think you'll create good icons, and I also really hope the newest version of 3DC allow this king of brush icon customization so very opinionated users (like me!) can assign our own icons.

Simply said, I would request clear, high contrast icons that are not too dark.

Thanks again for putting in the work to create the training and custom brushes we all have been asking for.  Good luck, Rygaard!

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  • Contributor

Hey @Melik , Thank you very much for your kind words!
I am very happy for your recognition in my effort to soon provide quality material that will be useful and helps everyone.

The icons are in the early stage of development.
I know the task of developing an icon is not that simple.
My biggest concern is really the small size of the icons!
You are right about small icons!

I will need to create a design that can make the smallest icon "visible" (Easy reading) without causing confusion to people.

The sphere I used has contrast light so that it can show the brushstrokes on the surface. I will check on this so as not to leave the sphere dark.
I used that color of the example of the icon just to try... to be different from the sphere in traditional gray color.
But, I will also test the material in gray! I like the gray too.
Being ready these tests, I will make a comparison between the current material and the gray.
And then, I will put this result here so that you can give opinion of what would be best to be viewed.

Colors help a lot to identify brushes by the behavior of brush.
Honestly, I had no preference when choosing the colors.
For me, at this initial moment, the most important thing was having the idea to see the project take shape.
And over time, mature ideas and choices so that it can reach an ideal end product.

If this color palette is too dark, no problem, this is very easy to solve!
So I will make the colors a little clearer, or that fits the most of the Themes of 3Dcoat as possible.
This process I would like to be done according to everyone's opinion so that I can reach a balance in colors and can please at least the vast majority of people.

It's not an excuse, but maybe I have color calibration problems on my monitor!
I never did anything on this monitor regarding color calibration!
I appreciate opinions telling me about how colors are in your monitors!

I will pay attention to what you said about the Universal Readability!

I liked what you propose the style of the 3dcoat 4.9 icons.
The gray color or a tone similar to that of the material I had placed in the icon (color that resembles clay).

The icons will be in the full sphere, I think they get better that way.
I will pay attention about... to lighting in the topology of the sphere, so I can clearly show the brushstroke and not in the dark shadow as you said!

It is true! Those ZBrush icons are good when the size of the icon is large.

For a comparison (test), I decrease the size of the zbrush icons of the image you posted to a size that is similar in 3Dcoat.
It's not ideal to resize, but the result is:

Depending on the zbrush icon, the brushstrokes in these icons, you can see that it is also a little complicated to understand what a certain brush does.
Even so, I think although some icons are a little complicated to understand, the overall result is ok.

According to your suggestions, I will try to do my best so that the small icon can have a good reading of the brushstrokes.

Thanks for showing me good examples of icons!

-- About stylized icons:

I would not like to use stylized icons and I will explain why.
It is not because of my taste or style.
I really love icons like that when they are well done.
But, I think I couldn't show a person the behavior of a brush in this type of icon. Perhaps it would cause more confusion than it would help.

To design or create a stylized and simple icon, which is read correctly, it takes time and having a lot of precision in the icon design to show a certain effect on the brush.

For example, I have Clay type brushes variations and when I try to imagine a stylized icon for these versions of brushes, I realize that the task would be very complex.

On the other hand, I also agree with what you said about these types of icons and their colors.
The simplicity of the icons help in UI too, apart from the other qualities you said.
I will try to make an effort to see if I can do something.
If it doesn't work, I'll have to go with the sphere icon and brushstroke.


Honestly, I was not even building the icons based on the Preset palette.
For a long time, I use the type of text for the brushes in the preset palette.
After you told me about the Preset palette, I had a curiosity to see, and for the first time in a long time, I changed the type in the icon shape.
The result is that I can see the customized icon slightly larger with the name of the brush in this palette as well.
From now on, I will also pay attention to the presets palette! I was totally forgetting about it!
Thank you so much for commenting on this palette for me!

I will consider what you told me:
"Simply said, I would request clear, high contrast icons that are not too dark."

Please keep giving opinion and giving your suggestions and examples.
So I hope I can create good icons for the brushes.

Once again, thank you very much for your encouragement and your words!

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  • Advanced Member

Hey @Rygaard

I agree with you about stylized icons.  It's very difficult to create the perfect, simplified picture to represent subtle brush strokes like clay variations.  I think your ideas about brush icons will lead to better, clearly readable icons.

Interesting...I just assumed your custom brush set would be a preset.  I'd intrigued about them being part of the left hand side brush options.  They will be welcome wherever they land in the UI.

Yes, the zBrush icons are beautiful as larger pics but not very helpful as small thumbnails.  Your logic is very correct.  

In addition to brush icon stuff, I wanted to say that I would love to see some part of your training course cover more in depth UI customization like what you showed in your Rhino demos.  To replace system sculpt brushes on the left with your own custom brushes or just the favorites you use, so you don't have to scroll down the long list or use the Quick Access panel (I'm not a fan) to get to your most used tools.

I remember your excellent post years ago with suggestions on UI changes. 


You expressed many frustrations I have about using 3DC.  Every time I'm in 3DC, I long for a Pop ups menu like Blender's Pie menus for favorite brushes and tools.

f the developers had made the changes you suggested, I would use 3DC a lot more.  Unfortunately, these suggestions have been lost and forgotten.  Very sad, but hopefully with custom changes to the UI, we can have a more efficient and enjoyable 3D experience in 3D Coat.

I wanted to add simply that I'm excited for your brushes based on your great Rhino demo, but my one personal request would be a solution to an unsolvable 3D Coat sculpt "problem" which is:

A good flattening brush that behaves like zBrush "hPolish"!! 

I gave up a long time ago in 3DC - whatever Flatten/Scrape/Trim Adaptive brush method I use always seems to create a concave surface instead of nice flattening like in zBrush.  Maybe there is a way in 3DC 2021+ to create this with multiple brush modifiers - I haven't had good luck matching zBrush hPolish brush behavior.  If you've solved this problem and have a brush like this in your brush set - please take my money now! :)

Thanks again for listening to feedback and best wishes as you develop your brushes, course, and YouTube channel.  

I'll be checking in to see what your progress is.  No rush - it would be better to take your time and create something that you're happy with than release a product that has a "work in progress" feeling. Though I always appreciate future flexibility and changes based on client feedback.  But that is a long way off.

Good luck and have fun!


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  • Contributor

Hi @Melik ! Stylized icons are great! I really like it! But when I think about any variations of the same kind of brush, I honestly get thoughtful of how to solve this situation.
Because of this, I find it better to continue with the idea of the sphere with brushstrokes to better show the behavior of the brushes.
But there are many tests to be done and who knows the stylized icon can be the best choice.
Let's see what will happen in the development of the icons!
There will always be room for change and improvements!

In fact, I was creating the custom icons looking only at the left panel of the interface!
I had completely forgotten the presets palette!
Since I was using the text mode to represent the brushes in the preset palette.

The brushes will exist on both the left panel and also in the preset palette at the interface.
The creation and use of presets is very important!
Because the advantage of presets is that the settings will not be changed, it will always be the original settings no matter what happens within the program!
If I just did as a brush on the left panel, possibly using different types of brushes, some previously used brushes settings could be changed because 3dcoat has the option to save the things you do while using the program.


That's great you have talked about the training! Let's go:
*** The training is complete and very deep!
The customization of the interface will be extreme!

It goes from the basics (but with many tips and observations) to the most extreme advanced!
That's right, advanced! Everything was explained! Nothing is hidden from people!

I have taken special attention so that exactly all people, from those who have never used the program to the most advanced user on the program, can see and learn many things that do not imagine that 3dcoat can do.
Absolutely, no one will be left behind!

Even in the videos that some advanced users can consider basic and know about it, there will always be a tip there that may be welcome.
I think it will be worth watching the training videos.

The end result that people will have with all the knowledge, exactly all my knowledge that will be passed on the subject ...
is that you will know how to make the same interface that I made during the Rhino demonstration! And it's not just that! It goes much more beyond that!

Now, the best of all, do you know what it is?
Just to leave you with a little curiosity!
I can tell you that the interface will be much more flexible, advanced and much better than I presented in the Rhino demonstration video.
Honestly, I was surprised myself with my interface that I currently have at 3Dcoat!

So, in short, you will be able to do whatever you want by customizing your interface within the 3Dcoat that the program allows you to do today!
I just guided the training focused on my interface! But you will be completely free to make any kind of interface, okay?


Regarding replacing the brushes or using the favorite brushes.
I think about making this video apart as content of the instructions for the installation of the brushes.

Or, I can create an exclusive chapter on this for training.
I think it's better that way!
I will create the chapter for training if I have not addressed this subject exclusively that you asked for!
Thanks for remember!
Either way I will do this subject in the video!


I remember this post!
I had and have many suggestions about the program interface!
Allow me to comment something ...
I can't talk much right now, but I think training will help a lot!
I think you'll use 3Dcoat a lot more and will have the pleasant experience within the program!

Good suggestion! I will see what I can do regarding brushes of this type Flatten and Polish!
A while ago, I was creating brushes like that.
I will review and try to improve these brushes!
If I get it and the brushes behave the way you asked, I will make them part of the brushes package without any problems!

Just speaking briefly about one of the brushes I created!
I know it's not a polish brush, but I made a brush that resembles a sponge that you pass on Clay's surface!
I use it to "polish" and fix the surface of geometry.
It is very useful! But this brush does not flatten the surface as a hPolish!
Only, it has a little tendency to flatten more not completely!
The main objective is to maintain the volume of geometry as much as possible and fix possible complex problems that happen in the mesh structure at the same time.


3 hours ago, Melik said:

Do you have a modified flat polish brush in your set or are they primarily brushes for clay effects?

What I have are Clay variations! But as I said above, I will try to work in the Polish and Flatten Brushes family!
I will also want these types of brushes to work ...
So when I return to dedicate myself to the brushes, for sure, I will look with love for these types of brushes, okay?

I saw the video! Thanks!!!


I thank you very much for your feedback, opinions and suggestions!
This certainly helps me a lot to make something of quality available.
I will try to do things in the right time and relaxed without hurrying and being able to release everything with the deserved quality!
Soon ... God willing! At the right time, the course will be available to everyone! Just like the brushes.

Always welcome here and feel free to comment whatever you want!
Once again, I appreciate your words!
Thank you very much!

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  • Advanced Member
6 hours ago, Rygaard said:

*** The training is complete and very deep!
The customization of the interface will be extreme!


6 hours ago, Rygaard said:

So, in short, you will be able to do whatever you want by customizing your interface within the 3Dcoat that the program allows you to do today!
I just guided the training focused on my interface! But you will be completely free to make any kind of interface, okay?

This sounds so great, @Rygaard!  Extreme customization in 3DC sounds like a dream!!

I'm very excited to learn from your years of dedicated 3D Coat usage.  I'm also very interested in your clay "sponge" brush and am grateful if you have the time to work on an hPolish brush that flattens with clean, flat hard surface planes like zBrush.  But I consider that a bonus to all the great stuff you are planning.

Thanks for all your hard work.  I pray you'll be rewarded in many ways when you finally release your training, brushes and video channel.

Good luck!

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  • Contributor

Hi @Melik ,  First... I would like to apologize for only responding now! I had to take some time off for health reasons, and I had to stop all my progress about training and other things!
I think I can start chapter 15 again only tomorrow or the day after... I'm on rest at the moment.
I apologize to everyone for this delay. But unfortunately, things happen and the worst is over.
I would already have more chapters done, but that's how it is... all in the right time.

Yes! Customization at this level even within 3DCoat!
In every chapter, but especially in the early chapters, I put everyone on the same level...
I don't want to leave anyone without knowledge, even people who have never seen 3DCoat behind.
So for me what is most important is that everyone can learn.
With the passage of "time" or chapters, each chapter increases the degree of difficulty (but everyone together in the same boat).
Even for people with an advanced level of knowledge, I hope I have some tips to help that person or useful information that might help.

Thank you! I'm also very excited to share my knowledge gained over the years about 3DCoat! As well as other good things!

I'm not going to promise, not to give false hope or break my word, but I'm going to dedicate myself and put a lot of love to have hPolish, flatten brushes that have this behavior you talked about.
I like these types of brushes too, so why not try this bonus?!
If all goes well, I'll give you this great news... or is it a bonus?

I appreciate your kind words and prayers!
But the big reward is already producing it all for all of you!
And I hope to count on everyone's presence on the youtube channel that I'm still going to create soon, okay?

Once again, I am so sorry for this delay...

thank you very much

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  • Contributor

Hi everyone! After a really bad phase... Finally, I'm back! YESSS! And even though I'm not 100% yet, I came back more focused and even more willing to continue what I was doing with great joy and dedication!

As always, I'd like to share my progress with you all! Sounds good, right?

During this week (since my last post here on the forum), I continued to work but at a not so fast pace!
I don't know what happens to me, but I can't sit still (resting), especially when I have responsibilities to do on this journey of ours!

But, getting straight to the point...
The good news is that I managed to do 4 more parts of the free training!
That's right!

I don't intend to delay the work in any way!
So I just made 4 more videos for all of us!

I'm so happy to have taken these 4 more steps on this journey of ours!
It may seem like little progress, but believe me... it was a lot for the moment!

From now on, for sure, I will advance much faster in the progress of the training videos!

Thank you very much!

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  • Contributor

Hey everyone! I have great news for all of you!

Next week... guess what?
Yeah! Finally, after a long period of hard work, dedication, effort and lots of love!

I am pleased to inform you that I will be releasing the free 3DCoat training! That's right!

In fact, there are only a few chapters left for all the training to be ready!
But, I'm so excited that I couldn't wait any longer to deliver the training to you.

So be prepared because in a few days, the countdown will begin and I will be officially announcing the free training release!
Sounds good, right?!

I will start to organize the final preparations and with great joy...
I will announce all the details here so that you can access and join me in this new journey with many good things!

I hope I can count on all of you...

I confess that I am very anxious and excited! Yessss!

So let the countdown begin...

Thank you very much!

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