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I'm currently on the latest build - 2022.16 - and I've noticed a couple of bugs I've encountered in previous versions are still lurking. One involves the red symmetry plane. Sometimes, it'll be there, and others - it's gone. Even with it enabled in the Symmetry options:


The other issue involves the ALT key to pan the camera around. At random times, it'll stop working. Pressing a bunch of random keys/buttons in the UI can sometimes rectify it. A good example of when it happens is if you try to use ShareX to record a GIF. The ability to rotate the camera stops working, as you can see here:


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I confirm I do have the same issue with the symmetry plane randomly  disappearing and the curve snap to symmetry not working. I've tried 2022.16, 2022.21 and 2021.99. and it's not working.

No issues with 4.9.67.

I'm on windows 10 with the latest NVIDIA Studio drivers 512.15

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54 minutes ago, Carlosan said:


Symmetry plane is visible by selected layer.

If the layer model selected is small that current one could be visually occluded.

Try working on Global mode if you can.

Global Space.jpg

Hope it help

Thanks for this. but it doesn't work


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