Resetting pivot position, axes orientation and object position

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I'm trying to achieve something seems a very stupid task I can't get up

The attached mesh does have in origin a pivot set far away, wrong axes orientation and strange position


I tried to correct this but only partially resulting in attached mesh.

Wanted to ask if there is some tool that can help me in:

- center the pivot to the center of mass

- automatically align axes to the object main simmetry, so to don't have to just rotate by hand them (I remember there was some automatic tool in C4D the time I tested a while ago)

- "drop" the object to main plane, so that is horizontal on the origin


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Sadly the model original position it is not aligned.

There isnt any tool to correct it. You need to do the align on the original app.


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Posted (edited)

I'm ashamed to ask both since you are ALWAYS answering and I dind't know how you find the time, but also since I was thinking the model pivot was the one defining his 3D movements. How do I find the model "original position", pardon my ignorance.

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