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usd export to unreal

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Okay. I'm not familiar with this format. I take it that the usdz format is zbrush specific (probably for the zbrush shaders?) and it might have to do something with that to make it compatible?.

I changed it to usd. I don't know what that would do. but this is the result for usd. (the video shows the usdz extension being used though.. but maybe  Andrew wasn't actually using that extension.)

I don't want to say this is solved... I'm getting issues from U5. (as is Andrew from his video) I'm getting warnings still about zbrush. (I didn't make these meshes in zbrush nor did I export them in zbrush. )

image.png.6fe47d4286151bc7bb241c74f799a171.png image.png.462ac354a03f0a7417f3c45cc6a3cecb.png

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The USD acronym stands for Universal Scene Description.

While the USDZ extension variation just means that it is a zip-compressed USD file, hence the Z in the name.

The less popular USDA extension variation means that it is a human readable text format, whereas the main USD and USDZ variations are binary encoded.

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